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The Florida Department of Health, Lee County declared a red tide today near Captiva’s South Seas Plantation.

Some people might experience short-term, mild respiratory symptoms such as irritation of the eyes, throat, or nose that may be similar to common cold symptoms. There may be more severe symptoms in people who have breathing issues such as asthma.

The symptoms usually disappear when the person moves away from the affected area or inside. People who have these symptoms should avoid the beach and go inside. If the symptoms don’t improve, consult your doctor.

Public advice is given by the department:

Avoid swimming with dead fish.

Avoid this location if you are suffering from breathing issues.

This area is not suitable for harvesting or eating molluscs, dead or disoriented fish. If the fish is healthy, wash the fillets in bottled or tap water. The entrails should be thrown away.

Do not allow pets or farm animals to come into contact with water, sea foam, or Dead Sea creatures.

Residents living on the beaches are encouraged to shut their windows, turn off the air conditioner and open the window.

Residents may wear filter masks made of paper in the open, particularly if there is wind.

Florida Poison Control Centers provide a 24/7 toll-free hotline 1-888-283-8635. This number can be used for reports of illnesses and health effects related to red tide exposure.

For more information on red tide locations, visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research website at

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