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One local group protested against a Naples centre for the performing arts.



A local group boycotted a Naples performing arts center

NAPLES, Fla. — The Conservative Christians of Southwest Florida are boycotting a performing arts center in Naples.

Artis-Naples will only allow you to enter if you have been fully vaccinated.

Artis Naples has recently implemented the protocol. The protocol was created to “ensure safety and well-being for all.” Ariel Martinez is the vice president for the Conservative Christians Southwest Florida. He said, however, that it wasn’t all about that.

“It’s really not about safety. It’s about control,” he said. “To me, safety means we as individuals have the right to do whatever we want to protect us.”

He stated that people should have the ability to choose how they want to protect themselves.

“You want to have the vaccine; you go for it. All of us support personal freedom. It’s the being mandated upon,” Martinez said.

This is why his conservative Christians of Southwest Florida group decided to boycott Artis-Naples, he said.

“It is their right indeed to do so. “I am 100% onboard for them to do what they want, but as an organisation it is our right to let people know.” he stated.

This group advised people to use their pockets and avoid spending any money on companies with this mandate.

Artis Naples explained that the policy’s purpose is to protect others.

Artis-Naples CEO/President stated in a statement:

“Our commitment to the collective health and safety of our patrons, visitors, musicians, guest artists, staff and volunteers is paramount. The decision to update our protocols was not taken lightly. It is our sincere hope that the new protocols will encourage increased participation and safety in all of our activities. We are pleased to join many of Florida’s largest arts organizations who have implemented these protocols over the last month. They include the Arsht Center, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Norton Museum of Art, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and Straz Center for the Performing Arts.”

Artis—Naples CEO and President Kathleen van Bergen

Martinez’s group will not be attending any Artis Naples event with protocol.

Southwest Florida’s group will organize a demonstration outside Artis -Naples. Protest will take place next Friday at 7 pm.

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