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Owen-Ames-Kimball Florida Receives FBO Hangar Project at Punta Gorda Airport



Rendering of the Punta Gorda FBO hangar

The Owen-Ames-Kimball Company, a well-known general contractor and long-standing presence at southwest Florida’s Southwest Florida Airport Authority, has been selected to design-build the Fixed Base Operator (FBO), hangar. For this project service, the team will perform all phases of planning and construction, which includes architectural programming, design, scheduling, and construction.

A new hangar will house offices and toilets in the Aviation Expansion Area of Punta Gorda airport, on the northern side of the runway away from Challenger Road. A single-story structure measuring approximately 14.400 feet will house offices and restrooms. This building will also serve as the base for customers who fly temporarily to and from the FBO.

Abel Natali serves as the OA-K Project Manager. John Tartaglia acts as the project manager, while Matthew Zwack works principally. Gary Krueger is the project manager and NathalieWhite, the project designer.

OAK Florida, Inc. has an employee-owned board that is made up of employees from all Florida locations. Since 1982, the Owen-Ames-Kimball Company provides world-class construction management, design-build and general contractors in Southwest Florida.

OA-K Florida’s operations are a subsidiary company of the parent company. They are based in Grand Rapids (Michigan). Florida has two offices: Collier and Lee. At 11941 Fairway Lakes Drive (Fort Myers), is the Lee County office. Find out more about OAK at

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