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Parking at Fort Myers Beach becomes more difficult as construction nears Margaritaville



Parking at Fort Myers Beach becomes more difficult as construction nears Margaritaville


When you visit Fort Myers Beach, it becomes even more difficult to find parking.

Why? Construction is due to begin shortly on the Margaritaville Resort, and to make room for it, 100 parking spaces at the foot of the Matanzas Pass Bridge have been deleted.

“I know the season will be as hectic as ever. The lines are jammed everywhere here, there is no parking, ”said Michael Caruso of Delray Beach.

His normal routine during his visits is to park on Helmerich-Platz, but this time his preferred parking lot was fenced.

“I hope the hotel has a place because they want us to go far down the street to park or something when there are no places.”

The 100 parking spaces in the square are gone before construction, which is scheduled to begin on August 16.

“There are parking spaces around the island. There is parking under the bridge. There is parking at the beach entrances. There is private parking all over the island. So there is parking, especially in the off-season, shouldn’t be a problem, “said Alderman Bill Veach of Fort Myers Beach City Council.

Many people disagree that parking shouldn’t be a problem. There was also a Lee County Sheriff’s Office Outreach Center in the square looking for a new home.

Veach said it could be Beach Baptist Church on Connecticut Street.

“I know the church already has facilities there, so it can be a place to park, you know, to park a trailer, that sort of thing. You were talking about a mobile facility. And especially in view of the turbulence in the city center, the mobile facility has some advantages, ”said Veach.

WINK News reached out to the Church for more information about these discussions, but we did not hear anything.

From now until August there will be infrastructure improvements, including sewer, electricity and rainwater pipes.

The goal is to build the 254-room resort with all of its restaurants and entertainment options in two years.

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