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In southwest Florida, the number of pediatric Baker Act admissions to Golisano Children’s Hospital has increased steadily over the past 8 months.

Golisano children’s hospital isn’t an admissions facility under the Baker Act, but it can accept patients with medical needs. Many cases involve the intentional injection of items and severe illness in an attempt to commit suicide. These patients require medical treatment if they are a danger to others. This is required for approval and assessment under the State Bakers Act.

If they have been cleared by a doctor, they may be released and taken to the Baker Act facilities with open beds.She stated.

Because some children need to be treated in the hospital, others require intensive care. The Baker Act averages three days of stay. They can stay for days or even weeks if they’re in intensive care.

Bostwick stated that children admitted to an emergency room who do not require medical treatment can be sent to a reception center before being admitted. She said that children who don’t require medical attention can often be admitted within 24 to 48 hours depending on the availability of beds in Lee County or the state.

SalusCare is the primary facility that receives patients in Lee County. SalusCare is the only open-bed hospital in Orlando.

“This is a national problem. Many of these reception centers are full.Bostwick.

Comparing the Baker Act volumes from the year before, the statistics for this year show a nearly 500% increase in volume over the eight-months. Bostwick explained that the drastically increased numbers of Baker Act volume this year caused a slight decline in summer.

It was also a “Gradual growth since school began”Bostwick.

In May there were 126 Pediatric Baker acts, 88 in June and 73 in July. There was also 50 August cases, 73 in July, and 79 September cases. This year, the number of pediatric baker acts exploded.

At 5 years, the youngest patient under pediatric Baker Act is a child.

We keep an eye out for trends coming in.She stated. “We did not see any trends throughout the board,”

Acceptance of children comes in many forms.

“They came from different places.”Bostwick. “In April 2021 we performed a manual audit of charts. This resulted the following breakdown of total 94 patients:

The law enforcement agency received 37%, but all the children who were involved in these cases came from their homes.

SalusCare referred 25% of those who had medical needs.

62% of the respondents were at home

– The remainder 13% were from combination school/residential groups

The majority of these people had already established services for mental health and surgery in the past.

31% of patients had visited the emergency department in the last 3 months.

– Half of the participants had no medical needs upon arrival

Rob Spicker, the district’s spokesperson, said via email that school employees do not have the authority to enforce Baker Act. Spicker stated that they trusted law enforcement for this decision.

Bostwick stated that with children’s behavioral and mental health increasing, there have been problems. Golisano provides beds in hospitals as an alternative to waiting rooms.

While it is hard to know exactly what caused the increase, experts agree that the outbreak has affected children. This has led to social isolation and a shift in the social dynamics of families.

“We hear from many children who come here. . . They see stress in the family, and they take the strain on themselves.Bostwick.

The effects of vaccines and no vaccines can also be seen in how the children attended school.

This tension is not just for adults but children as well.She said that it has been the case for the last year and a quarter. “Had a huge impact on our children.”

Bostwick said that the key message to the community was “The main message is…” Children can have mental and behavioral problems.She added that if a child says something and wants to be helped, it is important to listen and to find the right person to assist them.

Parents may also contact the mobile crisis line, go to an outpatient clinic or bring their child to Golisano Children’s Hospital in crisis situations.

“We have just completed the last three months of our ascent here. Even during our busiest times, the waiting time was not too long. Golisano has a great system. Our team is doing an amazing job in getting the children into the right care.Bostwick.

Bostwick suggested that Golisano Children’s hospital is the safest place to take the child.

Golisano Children’s hospital offers an outpatient program for behavioral health.

It is difficult for people to access therapy because of the high demand. Bostwick explained that the team continues to hire psychologists and hopes to place 16 of them into the community in the coming year.

“We are looking at Bonita Cape Coral and Lehigh in order to increase access.”She stated.

The Golisano Children’s Hospital can not see the child at the hospital in the time allowed. If that happens, other resources are made available to the community.

“We partner with the community in order to ensure they receive the best care.”Bostwick. “It takes a village. To address these behavioral and mental issues, it takes all of us as a whole community. Mental and behavioral issues are a very common problem. The number of pediatricians has increased by a lot in the last eight months. To provide the services, it will require a community to understand what’s happening.

Golisano Children’s Hospital and Lee County Schools District are collaborating on weekly phone calls. These include pediatricians who have started because of COVID.

“We’re discussing what we might see with COVID and children. We have seen in the mental and behavioral health of children over many weeks what we are seeing.She stated.

Bostwick stated that the silver lining to this pandemic is the fact it tore down all the walls and brought everyone together to accomplish what was needed.

“These relationships have continued and I have no doubt that they will continue in the future. This is a huge positive outcome for an extremely stressful year.She stated.

Statistical Data by State

The University of South Florida’s Baker Act Reporting Center tracks state approvals.

The last year’s annual report 2018,/2019 shows there was 210,992 audits under the Bakers Act. According to the report, the number of state-wide Bakers Act audits increased 19.20 percent between fiscal years 2013-2014 and fiscal year 2018. This includes 24.80% for children aged under 18, 15.45 percent for 18-24-year-olds, and 24.90% for adults. National bakery law exams rose by 2.53 percent between fiscal years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 for all age categories, 5% for children, 1.23 percent 18-to-24-year-olds, and 5.0% for adults.

The 2018-2019 Baker Act exam results showed that 17.95% of the participants were children, and 73.33% were people aged between 18 and 64. The professional certificates were used for 51.34 percent (and 46.45%) of examinations conducted by law enforcement officers. A report found that 65.54% of all non-psychiatrist physicians were the top health care providers to perform the exam.

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