PGA Tour announces reconciliation with Saudi-backed breakaway LIV Golf

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PGA Tour Announces Reconciliation with Saudi-backed Breakaway LIV Golf

Golf has always been an integral part of sports, and now, the sport is set to witness a significant change in the form of the PGA Tour’s latest announcement of a reconciliation with Saudi Arabia-backed breakaway golf tournament, the LIV Golf. This move has left the golfing community in anticipation and has the potential of changing the global golfing landscape. In this article, we will discuss the background, implications, and possible outcomes of this announcement.


The PGA Tour, founded in 1929, is an American-based organization that oversees most of the professional golf tours worldwide. It is by far the most lucrative golf organization, providing golfers with an opportunity to earn millions in prize money. However, in May 2021, the PGA Tour faced a significant challenge as five of the leading professional golfers announced their participation in a breakaway tournament, LIV Golf, based in Saudi Arabia, which posed a significant threat to the PGA Tour. The proposed tournament was set to take place in parallel with the PGA Tour’s season, and it seemed as if the LIV Golf would attract top golfers from the PGA Tour. The announcement came amid LIV Golf’s search for investment partners to finance the new competition.

Nevertheless, the PGA Tour took a significant risk and threatened to ban golfers who participated in the LIV Golf from participating in the PGA Tour’s regular schedule. This move led to a massive outcry from various sports stakeholders, including some of the golfers who saw the threat as a blatant display of abuse of power from the PGA Tour.

PGA Tour’s Reconciliation with LIV Golf

However, in a surprising turn of events, the PGA Tour has announced that it has reconciled with Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf. This reconciliation came barely six months after the PGA Tour faced stiff competition in LIV Golf, a breakaway tournament with top golfers from the PGA Tour. In a statement released on December 21, 2021, the PGA Tour confirmed that it had reached an accord that would allow its players to participate in LIV Golf events without facing any disciplinary action.

The statement released from the PGA Tour read, “We have decided to withdraw the previous statements that any player who participates in a privately-funded golf league will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. Today’s announcement builds on our decades-long endeavours to grow and expand the game of golf, and we are optimistic about the potential this agreement has to grow the game further.”

This announcement by the PGA Tour is set to change the global golfing landscape, and many are looking forward to the potential of this new development.

Implications of the Reconciliation

The significant implications of this reconciliation are the potential for golfers to earn even higher sums of money, with LIV Golf on the rise as a lucrative alternative to the PGA Tour. With the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship set to offer prize money of $8 million, and the Saudi International offering $3.5 million in prize money, the possibilities for golfers in the wake of this agreement are endless.

Furthermore, it is essential to highlight the potential benefits this partnership could have on the sport’s growth worldwide. The PGA Tour has previously shown an interest in expanding its International Operations, and this could be a step closer towards achieving that goal. This international expansion could lead to an increase in international golfers participating in PGA Tour events and a higher intake of revenue from different parts of the world.

Players Reactions to the Reconciliation

There have been mixed reactions from the players with comments coming from both sides of the divide. While some have welcomed the development, some have questioned the integrity of the PGA Tour.

Canadian golfer Adam Hadwin, commenting on the PGA Tour’s decision, said: “They had to make this decision because otherwise they were going to be left behind. Money talks, and players were going to go play over there.” In contrast, former world number one, Justin Rose, criticized the PGA Tour, stating, “It just feels like a little bit of a show pony to try to make themselves look more modern.”

The Economic and Political Aspect

Three key areas are vital for substantial economic growth; finance, politics and economics, and sports. It is no secret that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trying to diversify its economy beyond its oil roots. And sports is one important sector that has been underexplored, making the investment in LIV Golf not only a business strategy but a political one as well.

The Saudi-backed LIV Golf has been viewed as a tool for soft diplomacy in a region where Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE have been battling for supremacy. This tournament and the deals that accompany it not only have an economic impact, but it also has a political one. Through this tournament, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can exert its influence on the West in different areas, including sports.


Finally, this announcement is a significant and much-needed shift in the PGA Tour’s policy, opening up the sport’s potential and pushing for its growth worldwide. In light of this development, there will be potential beneficial impacts on the economy, reputation, and the future of golf games worldwide. The revival of the golfing industry’s fortunes, after months of upheaval, bodes well for the growth of the sport and the industry’s stakeholders. The decision by the PGA Tour to reconcile with LIV Golf is a positive development that demonstrates a willingness to adopt new concepts and adapt to the ever-changing sports industry.

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