Pizza oven Roccbox review

Scouting report: The Roccbox is easy to use and can make a pizza in a minute. It comes with everything you need to get started (except batter, but that’s the e

Gozney’s Roccbox is a small green oven that you can put anywhere in your yard. From there, just plug it into a propane tank and turn it on – it’s that simple. After about 15 minutes the thermometer on the side of the Roccbox will float in the orange zone (I love how they coated the dial color instead of getting way too close to the numbers), which means the stone inside the pizza oven is ready to use – and extremely hot. I buy my dough from the pizzeria across the street (but it’s super easy to make at home too), stretch it out on the pizza scoop (metal is much better than wood), add a few toppings, and toss it in the oven . The Roccbox also comes with a small pizza turner that you can use to turn your pizza in the oven to ensure it cooks evenly through. After about a minute the pizza is ready and I am amazed again and again. Not just how fast it is, but how good it is. Everyone. Single. Time. You can also put a casserole dish or cast iron pan in it and make a steak or pork chops if that’s your thing – and the way they sear vegetables (in seconds) makes me smile every time.

Since it’s so easy to use, I started experimenting more and more. The other day I made a clam pizza and plan to make some kind of egg pizza for breakfast soon. I think this is my favorite thing about the Roccbox – it encourages a creative style of cooking and encourages me to be even more so, especially since the results are always delicious.

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