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Rumored NFL Free Agency Moves in 2024: Derrick Henry Possibly Headed to Ravens, Patrick Queen Eyed by Steelers, and Other Intriguing News and Reports

NFL 2024 Free Agency: Derrick Henry to Ravens, Patrick Queen to Steelers, and More

The NFL free agency period is always an exciting time for football fans, as teams scramble to sign the best available talent to bolster their rosters. The 2024 free agency market has been no exception, with several high-profile players finding new homes. In this article, we will delve into some of the biggest moves and rumors circulating in the NFL for the 2024 season.

The Ravens Secure Derrick Henry

One of the most highly anticipated free agent signings of the year was running back Derrick Henry, who found a new home with the Baltimore Ravens. Henry, who had spent his entire career with the Tennessee Titans, brings a bruising, physical style of play that perfectly complements the Ravens’ dominant ground game.

Hailed as one of the best running backs in the league, Henry’s addition to the Ravens’ offense is expected to make them even more formidable. With his ability to break tackles and pick up tough yards, Henry is poised to become a key component of the Ravens’ Super Bowl aspirations.

Rookie Sensation Patrick Queen Joins the Steelers

Another major signing during the 2024 free agency period was linebacker Patrick Queen, who was snatched up by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Queen, a former standout for the LSU Tigers, had an impressive rookie season with the Baltimore Ravens before becoming an unrestricted free agent.

The Steelers’ defense has always been known for its toughness and physicality, and Queen’s addition only amplifies those qualities. With his speed, instincts, and playmaking ability, he is set to become a pillar of the Steelers’ defense for years to come.

Speculations Surrounding Deshaun Watson

One of the biggest stories in the NFL free agency market revolves around star quarterback Deshaun Watson. Despite being under contract with the Houston Texans, Watson has expressed his desire to be traded after becoming disillusioned with the organization’s direction.

Several teams have reportedly shown interest in acquiring Watson’s services, leading to intense speculation surrounding his future. The Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, and Denver Broncos are just a few of the teams rumored to be potential landing spots for the talented quarterback.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the drama surrounding Watson’s potential trade has captivated NFL fans and experts alike, with many eagerly awaiting the resolution of this high-stakes situation.

Surprise Moves and Under-the-Radar Signings

In addition to the marquee signings, the 2024 free agency period has also seen some surprise moves and under-the-radar signings. For instance, wide receiver Curtis Samuel left the Washington Football Team to join the New England Patriots, providing quarterback Mac Jones with another talented target.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Chargers made a shrewd move by acquiring cornerback Kyle Fuller, who had spent the previous season with the Chicago Bears. Fuller’s presence is expected to strengthen the Chargers’ secondary, adding a much-needed shutdown corner to their defensive ranks.

Future Excitement and Realignment Possibilities

The 2024 free agency period has undoubtedly been filled with excitement and intrigue. As teams continue to reshape their rosters, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming season and the potential changes it may bring. Additionally, with rumors of a potential NFL realignment swirling, discussions of division realignments and new conference rivalries have generated significant buzz among football enthusiasts.

While it may be too early to predict the exact outcomes of these rumors, the possibility of new matchups and rivalries in the NFL only adds to the excitement surrounding the 2024 season.


As the 2024 NFL free agency period unfolds, fans are witnessing high-profile player moves, rumors, and even potential realignment discussions. The signings of Derrick Henry to the Ravens and Patrick Queen to the Steelers have both added significant firepower to their respective teams, while the lingering drama surrounding Deshaun Watson’s future continues to captivate the football world. As fans eagerly await the start of the season, the potential for under-the-radar signings and realignment possibilities only adds to the anticipation and excitement for the upcoming NFL campaign.


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