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Seaside Bar & Grill, Bonita Springs discovers its legs



Seaside Bar & Grill in Bonita Springs finds its legs

Marc Devisse started the week on a high note in March 16. St. Patrick’s Day marked the grand opening at his Bonita Springs restaurant Seaside Bar & Grill.

“We were so excited,”Devisse. Devisse recalls, “We were fine. Then at 5:15 p.m., Friday evening, March 20, Governor DeSantis told us you must close it.”

Devisse was shocked when the nationwide ban on restaurant dining room closures in an effort to stop COVID-19 spreading came to pass. The promising week was canceled.

Even opening a restaurant new is not an easy task. Devisse spent the majority of his year at Seaside. Devisse hired staff, set up a kitchen and then closed his doors. Devisse saw some hope eight months after the order from Governor was issued.

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Owner Marc Devisse, right, with his father Thierry Devisse at the Seaside Bar & Grill in Bonita Springs.

Seaside Bar & Grill, located east of Tamiami Trail on Old 41 is in Bernwood Design Center. This modern, open concept restaurant has a lot of outdoor space. The bars windows can be opened up to give the illusion of being outdoors, which is a valuable trait in this time of pandemic.

You can choose from a variety of entrees such as cheese platters or clams. You will find small amounts of popular items in the Seaside Sampler: grilled chicken wings, mini pork knuckles, southwestern spring roll, buffalo cauliflower florets and pork wings.

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AND2020 won’t end restaurant week. But it can make it more interesting.

Seaside offers local prawns, groupers and other seafood. Devisse says that grouper tacos, which can be served as blackened, battered, or grilled, are a popular choice. She also loves Seaside’s seafood piccata with lemon butter and caper.

Do you crave fish and chips? Seaside has a deep-fried cod platter that will satisfy your cravings. It comes with a beer-based batter as well as sweet potato waffle fries.

Seaside also offers beef. The comfort food market’s top-selling item is meatloaf made with Kobe beef. It comes with mashed potatoes, sauce, and is served with butter. All things revolve around the prime-rib every Friday and Saturday.

“We do everything in-house and have perfected it. It’s one of the best in town, ”Devisse.

Seaside Bar & Grill in Bonita Springs offers upscale pub fare, including a selection of burgers.

The Seaside Pizzas are handmade and hand-tossed with toppings. “We serve larger portions. There is great value here, ”Devisse smiles. “I’m a big guy. I like a nice plate of food. “

The menu also offers plant-based and gluten-free options, including freshly made veggie burgers, pizzas, and desserts.

If you’ve been to the area’s farmers markets, you’ve likely seen The French Artisan, a stall filled with French goodies like bread, quiche, cheese, bouillabaisse, and more. The concept belongs to Devisse’s father Thierry, who spends a lot of time at Seaside. He makes the restaurant’s three quiches, which are served for Saturday and Sunday brunch.

The Seaside’s brunch menu evolves with selected products such as French toast, chicken and waffles, breakfast pizzas, burgers and bottomless mimosas.

The Seaside has a loft above the main dining room, which was designed with a view of an urban roof. A DJ booth and a second bar make it ideal for private gatherings. Devisse loves music and it’s a big part of the Seaside experience; offered daily except Monday.

“It’s a restaurant with a bit of nightlife that’s suitable for all ages,”He says.

You can also find wines and beers from local breweries on the bar’s menu. Seaside’s most popular cocktails include Fashioned by the Sea. This is an original cocktail made with Wolf Moon Bourbon and a spirit collaboration between Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, and country music star Jason Aldean.

You can open a restaurant when there is a pandemic.

“The slow opening gave us time to refine our food and fix any problems we encountered,”Devisse agrees. We are now in a great position to launch the season.

Graduates from FGCU are not afraid to face business challenges. Tri-Town Construction was founded by Devisse in 2007, just as the economy crashed.

“If you want to know when you shouldn’t open a business, talk to me,”He laughs.

Devisse is adapting to COVID curve balls in the meantime. His regular audience has been growing, and Devisse is now seeing new people.

“It’s not just about the food,”Devisse. “That’s how you feel: positive, comfortable and safe. All you need is the right package.

Gina Birch writes about food and wine for The News-Press and on You can follow her @ginabirch and on Facebook.

Seaside Bar & Grill in Bonita Springs offers a full bar with wines, beers and signature cocktails.

Bar & Grill at the Sea

Address24850 Old 41 Road Number. 12 Bonita Springs

Hours11:30 am – 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday, 11.30 am – 2 AM Friday and Saturday

Prices: Appetizers $ 8.50 to $ 18; Pizzas $ 11; Mains $ 16- $ 28

PhoneCall 239-288-1470

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AlsoPrivate dining available in function and private rooms

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