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Survey reveals car buyers’ desire for embedded insurance options

Why Drivers Want Embedded Insurance Options When They Buy a Car

When it comes to buying a car, drivers have a lot of factors to consider. From the make and model to the price and features, there are numerous decisions to be made. One aspect that is gaining increasing attention is the option for embedded insurance, which allows drivers to purchase insurance coverage directly from the car manufacturer or dealership at the time of purchase. According to a recent survey, drivers overwhelmingly expressed their desire for this convenient and cost-effective option. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why drivers want embedded insurance options and the benefits it provides.

The Convenience of One-Stop Shopping

One of the primary reasons drivers want embedded insurance options is the convenience it offers. When buying a car, there are already many logistics to handle, such as financing, paperwork, and registration. Having the ability to also purchase insurance at the same time eliminates the need for separate appointments and countless phone calls with insurance providers. It allows drivers to streamline the entire car buying process and get on the road faster.


Embedded insurance can also provide significant cost savings for drivers. Traditional insurance policies often come with high premiums, as they factor in various risk factors associated with the individual driver. However, embedded insurance provided by car manufacturers or dealerships is often offered at a more competitive price. This is because they can leverage their customer base and purchasing power to negotiate bulk rates with insurance companies. As a result, drivers can enjoy lower premiums without compromising on coverage.

Seamless Integration with Vehicle Technology

Modern cars are equipped with advanced technology that can enhance safety and security. Embedded insurance options allow for seamless integration with these vehicle technologies. For example, some insurance programs can monitor driving behavior through telematics systems and reward safe driving habits with discounted premiums. This not only incentivizes responsible driving but also enables insurance providers to offer personalized coverage based on an individual’s driving patterns.

Customizable Coverage

Another advantage of embedded insurance options is the ability to customize coverage based on the driver’s needs. Traditional insurance policies often come with standard coverage plans that may not be tailored to every driver’s unique requirements. However, embedded insurance allows for the inclusion or exclusion of specific coverage options, such as roadside assistance, comprehensive coverage, or rental car reimbursement. With this flexibility, drivers can choose the coverage that aligns with their preferences and budget.

Simplified Claims Process

Dealing with insurance claims can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. However, embedded insurance options aim to simplify and expedite the claims process. Since the insurance is provided by the car manufacturer or dealership, there is a direct line of communication between the insurer and the repair facility. This streamlines the paperwork and authorization process, ensuring repairs are completed promptly. Additionally, some embedded insurance plans offer concierge services that handle the entire claims process on behalf of the driver, eliminating the need for them to navigate the complexities of filing a claim.

Potential for Lower Deductibles

Embedded insurance options may also come with lower deductibles. Traditional insurance policies typically require policyholders to pay a fixed deductible amount before the insurer covers the rest of the claim. However, some embedded insurance plans offer deductible waivers or reduced deductibles as an incentive to purchase coverage through the car manufacturer or dealership. This provides drivers with the opportunity to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident or damage to their vehicle.


As the automotive industry evolves, so do the expectations and preferences of car buyers. According to the survey, the majority of drivers express a strong desire for embedded insurance options when purchasing a car. The convenience, cost-effectiveness, seamless integration with vehicle technology, customizable coverage, simplified claims process, and potential for lower deductibles make embedded insurance an attractive choice. With these benefits in mind, car manufacturers and dealerships should consider embracing embedded insurance as a value-added service to enhance the car buying experience and meet the demands of today’s drivers.


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