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SWFL battles rising COVID-19 cases, precautions



SWFL battles rising COVID-19 cases, precautions


We’re seeing COVID-19 numbers that we haven’t seen in Lee County since July 2020. Mask requirements are making a comeback as the CDC re-recommends that everyone cover their face in specific places, even if you are fully vaccinated. But does that mean you need your mask again when you run errands?

Publix tells WINK News, “We are currently reviewing updated CDC guidelines and will provide updates to our guidelines as necessary.” Many other companies have remained silent about a possible new mask mandate: Walmart, Target and McDonald’s are among several large retailers and restaurant chains that Not yet commenting on new recommendations on how to wear masks as COVID-19 cases increase across the country.

This is because Lee Health’s COVID-19 numbers have increased 600% in the past few weeks. Fort Myers business owners have conflicting feelings about all of this.

“At this point, we can’t go out of business because we don’t even know,” said Quinton Dieterle, who owns a business in downtown Fort Myers. “We don’t even know what the result will be in the end. So we just have to keep going. “

The companies that WINK News has spoken to in downtown Fort Myers and a few neighboring towns are not implementing mask requirements in their stores until Governor Ron DeSantis recommends it.

“To demand it everywhere?” Said Fort Myers resident Phil Lipscomb. “No, not when they have the vaccine.”

“In a way, I just have the feeling that nobody really knows,” said Dieterle. “It’s like a guessing game. So I have a feeling if you are really that concerned about getting a virus then stay home. If not, go out. It is your option. “

Lee Health still offers walk-in vaccines at the Gulf Coast Medical Center. Anyone can take a COVID-19 test at Lee convenience locations, retailers like CVS and Walgreens also offer same-day testing appointments, and the Florida Department of Health operates a drive-thru location in Fort Myers.

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