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The 71 Best Thanksgiving Recipes That We Can’t Help But Be Thankful For



71 Best Thanksgiving Desserts Recipes We Couldn't Be More Thankful For

These Thanksgiving desserts will be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how full they are. In fact, we wouldn’t blame folks if they held back during the big meal to save space for a pecan pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookie or a maple-glazed doughnut. Whatever kind of sweets you’re after this year, we’ve got all the Thanksgiving dessert ideas you could possibly want. If you’re in charge of pie, take your pick from a few of our favorites: a deep dish apple pie, BA’s Best pecan pie, and this heavenly chocolate buttermilk pie are all sure winners. Whether you’re a die-hard traditionalist or here for fun twists on the classics, we’ve got 71 of our best Thanksgiving desserts all in one place. It’s time to start baking!

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