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The LOSOM model decreases the discharges to Caloosahatchee River





Our lucky to have a place that many people only dream of calling home is the coastal paradise we call “home”. SWFL Inc. is determined and committed to protecting all that makes this region such a great place. The top priority is water quality.

Tuesday 16 November saw the Army Corps of Engineers announce its final schedule of work for the upcoming Lake Okeechobee Systems Operating Manual. Model run 260467 will be the model selected to reduce discharges into Caloosahatchee River Estuary. It is an enormous win for Southwest Florida.

We were outraged when the Army Corps revealed Alternative CC in July. Last week’s announcement is clear that the unified message of Southwest Florida residents was heard.

This model does not reduce discharges. It also improves flow south to the Everglades by 200,000 acre feet per year.



Additionally, this schedule ensures safety for the 9.3 millions South Florida residents that rely on Herbert Hoover Dike flood protection. The schedule also provides compatible lake operations, as C-44/C-43 reservoirs become online. The hard work and dedication of our elected representatives over the past few years has made water quality a priority policy and funding priority.

So that we can continue protecting and preserving our area for everyone, we will be following the LOSOM process.

Although this victory is good news for Southwest Florida there are still many things to do. Continue to push for the C43, EAA and other crucial infrastructure projects that help us solve our complicated water quality problems.

I’ve spent my entire life in Southwest Florida, and I love our natural environment. I’m sure you do, too. Our team is actively working on getting projects funded, and policy changes passed that will help promote and protect businesses in Lee and Collier counties.

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