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The Naples Senior Middle helps 100 seniors in Collier County obtain their first dose of vaccine



The Naples Senior Center is helping 100 seniors in Collier County receive their first dose of vaccine


More than 100 Collier County seniors received a new dose of hope and help.

Those over 80 didn’t have access to technology or the ability to book their own appointments, but they could get their shot in the arm with a little help.

The cars were full of some of the most vulnerable in the community on Thursday, and they were queuing to get the vaccine. It was an emotional day for the Naples Senior Center. It helped those eligible in the community sign up for their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Members I saw every Wednesday that I haven’t seen in their cars since March,” said Dr. Jaclynn Faffer, President and CEO of the Naples Senior Center.

Some seniors in southwest Florida continue to live in isolation.

“Just being inside and you can’t socialize,” said Ora Jones, “only to the mailbox and back.”

People have been hard hit by the pandemic.

“I have a brother-in-law,” said Allen Anderson. “He’s in his eighties, but he lost his two children in the last month.”

Anderson and his wife Marcene defied the pandemic together. They were lucky enough to have each other during these difficult times.

“I’m 74 and my bride is a cougar. She’s 84, ”said Anderson. “It kept us very isolated and I do my best as a social aholic to stick to it.”

The two now live in a mobile home on Marco Island to bring Marcene to safety because of her illness.

“We decided to sell our apartment on Marco Island because we found that, among other things, people weren’t paying attention,” said Anderson.

The Naples Senior Center staff have personally called nearly 300 people and registered each senior with Eventbrite with the help of the Florida Department of Health in Collier County. We don’t know when there will be a second dose of the vaccine for her.

Now the Andersons and many others have been vaccinated and they are all one step closer to their next adventure.

“Only lead a normal life,” said Ed Felsenthal. “The whole world has not been able to lead a normal life.”

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