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Punta Gorda

The pickleball championship begins in Punta Gorda



The pickleball championship begins in Punta Gorda

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. – Pickleball is back in Punta Gorda.

The Pickleball World Championship tournament runs Wednesday through Sunday. This five day tournament marks the second time these games have been played in Punta Gorda.

The tournament brings in people from the US, France, Brazil and more.

“The best players in the country,” said tournament director Mac Moody. “And you are here in Punta Gorda, Florida.”

Viviene David and Tyson McGuffin are just two of the many players hoping to take this gold home with them this week.

“I think it’s great that players from all over the country come here in a town as small as this,” said Viviene David. “I mean, that’s great … so good.”

David, a native of Naples, said she was happy to be able to compete in her own garden.

“I actually won the singles last year so I’m really excited to be here and defend that,” said David.

COVID-19 is still an issue at the start of the tournament.

The organizers are doing their best to ensure that players and spectators bring home victory by not contracting the virus.

“Obviously when we play on the pitch we don’t wear masks, but when we’re done and just cheering the rest of the team on, we wear masks, keep our distance, clean things… All of these guidelines are. It’s good to be held really well “Said David.

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