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The SWFL is making ready to host trip occasions in the course of the pandemic



The SWFL is preparing to host vacation events during the pandemic


Despite the surge in coronavirus cases in Florida since October, several events are still planned in southwest Florida this week.

  • Downtown Fort Myers will host Art Walk and Music Walk
  • The boat parade in Fort Myers Beach is still ongoing
  • The Christmas walk and tree lighting ceremony in Naples also take place

All of these popular events will look slightly different during the pandemic.

The organizers of the Fort Myers Beach Boat Parade and all other upcoming events emphasize the importance of masks, social distancing and disinfection.

Corporations told us these events bring in more crowds. While some people think it’s too early for that, others say they’re excited to see events happening again in southwest Florida.

Music Walk and Art Walk in downtown Fort Myers are two of the many things that people like Yolie Ellis missed during the pandemic.

“It just brought life to the area,” Ellis said.

The two events returned in November and will happen again in December, accompanied by signs promoting masks and social distancing.

“Anything that brings life back to a sort of normal,” said Howard Kunkel.

Ellis loves these events but doesn’t believe the time is now.

“With the COVID virus, it’s just too early to have that many people together,” Ellis said.

Downtown businesses say more events are good news for them.

“We noticed that a lot of people were coming out for these nights,” said Robert Podgorski, the owner of the Green Cup Café. “As a cafe, it was nice to have some people out for late night coffee, smoothies, and food.”

On Fort Myers Beach, companies like Nervous Nellies are preparing for Saturday’s Christmas boat parade, when people usually pull up on their restaurant terrace to watch.

“We are super grateful. It’s a great business day for us, ”said Andrew Wiersma, Manager of Nervous Nellies.

Nervous Nellies says there are plans to keep the tables spaced while people watch the boats parade from the deck in the back bay this weekend.

At Christmas the 5th in Naples, NCH helps with masks and disinfection stations to ensure everyone’s safety.

Although events like the Boat Parade, Art Walk, and Christmas on 5th Ave. usually attracting more people than usual, Tom and Nancy Cooper believe anyone can safely enjoy themselves with masks, social distancing, and fresh outside air.

“I’m just excited to see Florida come back alive, but everyone has to be careful anyway,” said Nancy.

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