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Tik Tok is used by a grandmother in Naples to smile



Naples grandmother uses Tik Tok to make others smile

NAPLES FL – FranO’Brien was not looking to make a name for herself on social media. After a video of herself dancing, she found out that the app had made her famous.

Allison, my grand-daughter, said that the next day I posted it to Tik Tok. I replied, “Allison. I don’t understand what you’re talking.” Tik Tok has never been mentioned to me. No one here has ever heard of Tik Tok. Tik Tok said.

In 24 hours, the Tik Tok reached four million users.

It began as a way of shedding light on difficult situations.

O’Brien said: “She said, Let’s make a funny video to mom because she is sick.’ So I replied, Okay.

Fran’s mom, Allison, was fighting three kinds of cancer. Allison decided to bring some joy to her mother.

Fran stated that she loved her newfound fame. However, it is hard to believe.

She stated, “It was beyond my wildest imaginations.”

@fran_the_hip_gram was her platform to showcase her personality, as well these movements. She believes she was made for this.

She stated, “I feel like I was born as a dancer.” “I was always a Rockette and I wasn’t big enough to do it.”

While it may have been too small for Rockettes, the Rockettes found that it is quite large on Tik Tok. She hopes that her videos inspire others to believe in themselves.

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