Toshiba recalls laptop AC adapters after numerous reports of fires causing minor burns

Toshiba Laptop AC Adapters Recalled After Hundreds Catch Fire, Causing Minor Burns

When it comes to technology, we often rely on the convenience and functionality offered by our laptops. However, sometimes even the most trusted brands can face unexpected issues, as seen in the recent case of Toshiba laptop AC adapters. In a shocking turn of events, hundreds of these adapters have caught fire, leading to minor burns and potentially dangerous situations for laptop users. As a result, Toshiba has taken immediate action, recalling the faulty adapters to rectify the situation.

The Start of a Troubling Trend: Reports of Fires and Injuries

In the era where laptops have become an integral part of our lives, it is crucial to ensure the safety and reliability of accessories such as AC adapters. Unfortunately, Toshiba users experienced unexpected hazards when their laptop chargers started to catch fire. Disturbing reports began to surface, detailing incidents where these adapters emitted sparks, melted, or even caused small explosions. The consequences were not limited to property damage, as several users suffered minor burns while trying to extinguish the fires that erupted from their chargers.

An Urgent Response: Toshiba Recalling Faulty AC Adapters

Toshiba, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, could not turn a blind eye to the mounting reports of hazardous AC adapters. They swiftly responded by launching a voluntary recall program for the affected adapters. This initiative aimed to minimize the potential risks faced by laptop users and to quickly replace the faulty adapters with safe and reliable alternatives.

Identifying the Affected AC Adapters

Identifying the specific models impacted by this safety issue was a crucial step in the recall process. Toshiba identified AC adapters with certain serial numbers that were prone to catching fire or melting. It is essential for laptop users to check if their adapter is among the affected models to avoid any further harm or damage. Toshiba has provided information on their official website, allowing customers to easily identify whether their AC adapter is part of the recall.

Receiving a Replacement: A Priority

With the safety of its customers as the highest priority, Toshiba has been quick to organize a replacement program. This ensures that those affected by the recall can replace their faulty AC adapters without any undue delay. Customers are encouraged to contact Toshiba’s customer service to receive instructions on how to proceed with the replacement process. By offering a smooth and efficient replacement service, Toshiba aims to alleviate any inconveniences caused by this unfortunate situation.

The Importance of Regular Safety Checks

This incident serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of regularly checking the safety of our electronic devices and accessories. While we place immense trust in reputable brands, unforeseen issues can arise. Conducting routine checks on power cords, adapters, and other components can potentially prevent accidents and ensure the safety of ourselves and our surroundings.


The recent recall of Toshiba laptop AC adapters highlights the significance of prioritizing consumer safety. With the potential risks of fires and minor burns caused by faulty AC adapters, Toshiba has demonstrated its commitment to swiftly addressing the issue and providing a solution. By urging users to check their adapters and offering a seamless replacement process, Toshiba has taken significant steps to rectify the situation and protect its customers. Nevertheless, this event serves as a reminder to all laptop users to regularly inspect their electronic accessories, ultimately ensuring a safer experience when using our beloved devices.


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