Two developments planned for downtown Cape Coral


Two new buildings are currently being planned for downtown Cape Coral.

An empty lot in the Bimini Basin becomes a $ 50 million project that will create 185 homes, commercial space, a parking garage, and a waterfront restaurant.

280 apartments, retail, office space and another garage are being built on an empty plot of land between Cape Coral Parkway and SE 47th Terrace. This project is called Cape in 47th place.

Both projects will break the ground next year.

“Empty nests and millennials that they are looking for, it’s all about options, they are looking for options when it comes to housing,” said Rob Hernandez, Cape Coral City Manager.

Robin Iafrate from Cape Coral said the bimini basin project was good because there weren’t enough restaurants for the waterfront.

“We like the waterfront restaurant and everything else that is developing. People are moving in, they need a place to live, ”said Barbara Salafia, also from Cape Coral.

People’s greatest concern is the traffic these projects could bring.

“If they find new ways, I don’t know the answer, but everyone here is complaining,” said Mike Salafia, a Cape Coral resident.

Hernandez said the city’s goal is to give people options. Not everyone wants to live in a typical house.

“There are people who like to be in an urban environment,” said Hernandez. “They want to be able to walk to the cafe, they want to be able to walk to work and entertainment.”

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