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Two longtime SWFL friends prepare to fight on the frontlines in Ukraine

Two longtime SWFL friends prepare to fight on the frontlines in Ukraine
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CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Shea Hambling and Alex Gorski have been friends for almost a decade. They have decided to take on an adventure of a lifetime together, risking their lives to fight in Ukraine.

“The kids and the bodies pretty much got us to that boiling point to go,” said Alex Gorski.

The American men have no ties to Ukraine. They say they just want to set an example.

Hambling will be leaving behind a wife and four kids. Gorski will be leaving behind his wife.

“I’m not worried, I’m not scared, I’m not fearful of anything. I’m completely at peace with it. My wife, I asked for her blessing and she is on board with it,” said Hambling.

“Being in the military has prepared me probably a little bit more than a lot of the people that they have over there, especially their civilians who are standing up and fighting,” said Hambling.

The men say their flight to Poland and then Ukraine leaves on Monday. They have no clue how long they will be there. They hope to be back with their families soon.

“This is where god wants me to be and god’s will will be done,” said Hambling.

You can follow along on their journey through their blog here.

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