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What time do you get cooler temperatures?



Coldest temperatures in the US since records began

Florida is home to many people who are looking for cooler temperatures. It’s our hope that the “Old Farmer’s Almanac”, which forecasts cool temperatures this week in Florida, will be accurate. However, don’t count on it.

The Almanac forecasts cool and sunny conditions for this week, and warm and sunny temperatures for next week.

Florida Department of Emergency Management was not as optimistic in its 5-day state weather outlook.

Do you think the cold years are coming? Almanac predicts one of the coldest winters for a number of years. Do you believe it?

The ‘Mast years’Is it possible to see more acorns being blown? It could be that you are in the middle of an ‘fattening’ year.

Flood risk:One quarter of US infrastructure could be at high risk due to flooding. These are the four most affected states.

We still dream about temperatures that only require a lightweight jacket. Here are some weather facts to help us get the spirit going.

Florida’s coldest recorded temperature

According to the National Weather Service, Tallahassee’s temperatures dropped to 2° below zero on February 13, 1899.

This was during the Great Arctic Outbreak. In several US cities, record lows were set. Even thunderstorms were reported in New Orleans and Tampa.

Was it the 1899 “Great Arctic Eruption?”

According to NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA), temperatures collapsed during the two-week period of February 1899, causing what is now known as “Great Arctic Outbreak.”

Fort Logan, Montana saw temperatures drop to -61, Washington DC was -8, and the Midwest and Ohio Valley were -20.

Over 100 people died in the Great Arctic Outbreak. Many crops were damaged or destroyed, while many animals on farms died.

Hurricane seasonCan the tropics again make history? There are four storms that don’t require a new name.

WeatherTigerFlorida’s chance of being hit by a hurricane before the season’s end is 1 in 3.

Does it snow in Florida?

According to the National Weather Service, South Florida saw snow for the first-time in recorded history on January 19, 1977.

All over Southeast Florida, snow has been observed as far south as Homestead and as far north as Miami Beach.

Weather monitors from West Palm Beach, LaBelle and Hollywood reported snow.

This snow fell on the heels a strong Arctic coldfront that moved quickly across Florida Peninsula, from the late morning of January 18 to the early hours of January 19.

Snow is a rare commodity in the state, but it creates excitement.

How often do Florida’s average temperatures drop?

According to Florida Climate Center the middle season of northern Florida’s hot season begins in late September/early October. Usually, this is when there is a cold front that has arrived from the inland.

Key West experiences lower temperatures in December. Cooler temperatures are found on the Atlantic coast earlier than those along the Gulf coast.

Florida 10-day Forecasts

Daytona Beach

  • Tuesday: low 75, high 86
  • October 18: High of 84. Oct 18: High 84.
  • Oct 25, High 83 Low 69

Fort Myers

  • Tuesday: Tuesday high 89 and low 73
  • Oct 18: High 89, Low 72
  • October 25: High of 87. Low 69


  • Tuesday: High 84; Low 67
  • Oct 18, high 81 and low 69
  • October 25: High 80, Low 65


  • Tuesday: High 89; Low 73
  • Oct 18, high 86 and low 71
  • October 25: High 85, Low 65


  • Tuesday: High 87; Low 74
  • Oct 18, high 87 and low 71
  • October 25, 2009: High 87. October 25: High 87.

Port St. Lucie

  • Tuesday: High of 86 Tuesday: Low 73.
  • October 18: High 85, Low 73
  • October 25: High 85, Low 71


  • Tuesday: High 90, low 75
  • Oct 18: High 89, Low 72
  • October 25th: High 86. Low 68


  • Tuesday: low 85 to high 75
  • October 18: High 85, Low 74
  • October 25: High of 84. Oct 25: High 84.


  • Tuesday: High 87 and low 69
  • Oct 18, high 79 and low 62
  • Oct 25, high 79 and low 58

West Palm Beach

  • Tuesday: High 85 and low 78
  • October 18: High 85, Low 74
  • October 25: High of 86. Low 73 10-Day Forecast

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