Wildfire ignites 150 acres in the Gulf Cove community

Wildfire ignites 150 acres in the Gulf Cove community

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. —  A wildfire in the Gulf Cove community ignited Saturday evening on Dubarry Avenue it spread over an estimated 150 acres in the Myakka State Forest.

Neighbors believed an 8-year-old started the fire by playing with matches, but fire officials said that’s not the case.

One neighbor, Logan Baker, talked about the hectic scene.

“It was hectic. The roar of the flames it was insane. Just trying to get vehicles out of the way and save as much as we could,” Baker said.

Baker and other neighbors even began trying to extinguish the fires in the neighborhood.

“Next thing we started grabbing as many hoses as we could and started watering the roofs down. Just trying to keep any ashes from catching anything on fire,” he said.

According to Florida Forest Services (FFS) of Myakka, no homes have been damaged at this time by the Saturday evening fire.

However, one boat and two sheds have been damaged so far, according to FFS.

130 acres 30%, Wildfire is now on the ##MyakkaRiverForest. Will update pic.twitter.com/lQ9UwkIAv8

— FFS Myakka (@FFS_Myakka) April 24, 2022

The fire is currently 90% contained, FFS said.

The Charlotte County Fire Department is currently investigating the exact cause of the fire.

Neighbors, like Karen Fox, also thanked first responders who responded to the scene.

“This fire went in between houses and they stopped it from burning houses and they do it all the time down here. I mean they risk their lives for our houses and our lives,” Fox said.

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