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Win Riverdale, Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Golden Gate



Win Riverdale, Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Golden Gate

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This was a very emotional evening for Hope Demarest (Kendyl Bryson), Logyn Geren and Alexis Gerz as well, Brayden hipp.

They wanted to ensure that they didn’t lose at home on Senior Night.

First Baptist (15-8) was denied a Street win by the Raiders (19-6), and they swept First Baptist (25-20, 25-22, 25, 17).

Roni Hipp of Riverdale said, “It was a three set win but it was certainly not our best performance.” We were a bit offensive. The fight was a bit on serve. It’s not a difficult fight, but I feel that if you are able to win three matches against FBA, it is a pretty good result.

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Hipp noted that five seniors from the university are special because they have all played for three or more seasons.

Hipp’s daughter Brayden said, “Challenging and coaching them.” The seniors were truly exceptional. They were my seniors for 4 years, while I was in college with the first two. My other 2 have been there for 3 years. “I’ve known them for some time, and for a very long time. Also, in the club. Logyn, Brayden are friends since sixth grade.

Riverdale won 3 games against First Baptist in their regular season game. Riverdale is # 4 and FBA is # 5.

Geren and younger Hipp both hold Riverdale school records. They pondered the past, but maintained an optimistic message, and remained focused on the future.

Brayden hipp stated, “It wasn’t good for me to see so many of the girls I used to play at this club over the years,” Logyn has been our home since middle school. Although it’s difficult to accept that this will be the end of our time, we are determined to fight for what we have.

Geren also thought about their relationship and said that they would be different if separated by several states. Hipp remains committed to Tulsa University.

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Geren said, “She will be in Tulsa (Oklahoma) and I’ll likely be on the east coast.” Geren said, “It’s not the first time we’ve been together in quite some time.”

Hipp and Geren had a lot of double doubles during the entire season. Geren finished the night with 11 kills (17 digs), while Hipp had 25 assists (10 digs) and Hipp ended it with 10 kills. Hipp now has 665 hits for the season. Landyn Hingbotham also contributed 10 digs.

Riverdale won 3 games against First Baptist in their regular season game. Riverdale is # 4 and FBA is # 5.

Peyton Garrick was absent from the Lions eighth-grade sweeper position, forcing Zara Stewart’s resignation. Garrick entered Tuesday’s match with 167 digs. This was second to Stewart on kills.

Another win will see the Raiders edging out 20 or more players for the sixth time in six years. Riverdale will host Palmetto and Immokalee’s winner in the district semi-final next week.

FBA will be preparing for the roadmatch against Charlotte, before facing King’s Academy Saturday. Donahue Catholic will host the first round district competition.

ECS 3 Cypress Lake 2In five sets, the Sentinels defeated Panthers 9-25-22, 25-22. 25-18. 23-25. Reilly Mulligan was the leader of the attack, with 19 kills and 11 digs. He also had five aces. Ashlyn Anderson won the race with 30 assist and seven digs.

Naples 3, St. Johannes Neumann 2:Tamara Sanchez was the leader of the Golden Eagles’ victory against the Celtics, winning five sets 25-11-25-13, 25-13. Sanchez had 31 assists and Sara Posz scored 12 kills. Tamara Sanchez and Sara Posz were the top two scorers with 31 kills each.

Shanie Sedio received 29 assist in the loss to St. John Neumann.

Naples 3, St. Johannes Neumann 2: A major rally of Celtics was held in Naples with wins of 25-11, 25-13 and 13-25. Sara Posz won the match with 12, 5 aces (and 2 blocks). Tamara Sanchez received 31 assists, Azul Lopez had 11 assists, and Gabrielle Rascher had 11.

Shanie Sedio was a St. John Neumann assiste, and had 4 service point and 6 excavations. Allison Jean had 8 kills with 7 servicepoints and 11 excavations. Leah Martin had 11 kills with 5 service point and 5 blocks.

Palmetto Ridge 3, Immokalee 0: On seniors night the seniors won the game with the bears winning 25-9, 25-14, and 25-19. Jersey Smith attempted 20 serves and was awarded 19 points. She also scored 8 aces. From 10 attempts, she also got 4 kills. Lauryann Carariany and Samantha Toussaint added six kills each. Grace Klingensmith was successful with 6 digs as well as 4 wins.

Bradenton Christian 3, SFCA 0: The King was defeated by the Panthers in three sets, 25-19-25-22, and 25-23. Six solo blocks from Senior Middle Sienna Ormsby led defense for the King.

Golden Gate 3, Cape Coral 0:Seahawks won in straight sets by the Titans, which took them to victory with wins of 27-25 and 25-19.

Lely 3 (Monday), St. John Neumann 1. In four sets, the Trojans beat the Celtics 25-15-18-25, 25-22-25, 25-22, and 25-14.

Bowling for boys

Lehigh Island Coast 5: Nathan Kolifrath bowled an impressive 232 to lead the Gators, while Michael Dewane bowled an amazing 191.

Cypress Lake 5, East Lee 0. Chayce Steuffer was the Panthers’ winning pitcher, leading to victory over the Jaguars. He scored a game-high of 225. John Coehn, East Lee’s highest bowler, scored a 150.

Oasis 4, South Fort Myers 1. Bobby Enrico as well as Joseph Letobar were instrumental in the defeat of the wolf pack. Letobar threw a 188, with six strokes plus two extra rounds. Enrico threw a 152 with fivestrokes and one additional round.

Bishop Tax Def GatewayWhen the Vikings defeated the Eagles, Gavin Hart scored a height of 234 inches.

Bowling with girls

Oasis 5, South Fort Myers 0.Kat Hagler, a Lee County girl’s high scorer for girls bowled an impressive 278 in nine runs and one spare.

Cypress Lake 4, East Lee 1. Brianna Straunk led the Panthers with a score of 201. Paige Lees, East Lee’s high-bower with a 186 was the winner.

Lehigh 5, Island Coast 0Katie Snyder was the Gators’ 181 roll.

Bishop Tax Def Gateway The Vikings defeated Katie Krutky’s Eagles who scored a score of 141.

Boys can play golf

Cape Coral 192, Dunbar 268Cole Tolbert and Travis McCann shot 42s to win the Seahawks victory over the Tigers. Deven Jean Lewis was the Dunbar scorer with a 54.

Swimming for Boys

Cape Coral 160. Bonita Springs50. Mariner 11

200-layer relay (CC2) 2: 01.20Get 200 Freestyle D. Caicedo (CC) 2: 04.78; 200 IM A. Rodriguez (CC) 2:28.16;50 for Free L. McBride, CC, 9:30 p.m. 100 FliesE. Titi, CC 1: 02.52 100 % freeJ. Blaine (CC), 58.05 500 for Free M. Leisure (CC) 6:09:00; Relay 200 for Free(CC 1:45.71) 100 back: J. Diaz (CC) 1: 15.78; 100 chest J. Blaine, CC 1: 16.87 400-Free relay(CC4) 4: 09:17

Swim with Girls

Cape Coral 164, Bonita Springs47, Mariner15

200-layer relay Cape Coral, 2 : 07.93 Freestyle 200 M. Blaine, CC 1: 59.98 200 IM M. Lehman (CC) 2: 19.36, 50 Freestyle S. Pellegrino (CC) 27.90; 100 FliesStafford (BSHS), 1: 09.85 100 Freestyle A. Kokosinski (CC) 56.77; 500 for Free M. Lehman (CC) 5:25.73; 200 free relay Cape Coral, 1: 50.89; 100 Previous: S. Pellegrino (CC) 1: 05.84; 100 chest N. Handzlik (CC) 1: 22.09; 400-Free relay Cape Coral 4: 18.89

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