Woman found dead in septic tank in North Port

Woman found dead in septic tank in North Port

NORTH PORT, Fla. — A 74-year-old deceased woman was found submerged in a septic tank at a home in North Port on Tuesday.

According to the North Port Police Department, the 74 year old was found in the septic tank at her home on Andalusia Street in North Port on Tuesday.

The victim’s neighbors said she was often spotted outside gardening. Olivia lives across the street, she said the victim recently had her home appraised where she was warned of issues with her septic tank.

“She had a big crack in her tank. I thought it was a lid at first but it was the tank. She didn’t fix it or do anything about it,” Olivia said. “They should have flagged that off. The appraisal company or whoever.”

“There was apparently a large hole into it in her yard where possibly the lid caved in,” according to North Port Public Information Officer Josh Taylor. 

Damon Clemens is the owner of Barney’s Sanitation in North Fort Myers, he says he’s never seen anyone fall in a septic tank who was unable to get out.

“Unless there’s already an issue, I really just don’t see her falling in,” said Clemens. “The holes are big enough to where you’d probably be able to get out. It’s sad. Very sad.”

Olivia said she’s still processing her neighbors tragic death and she hopes someone is held responsible.

“Whoever did come out that day said they had a bad septic tank and I feel like if it was that bad they should have known and flagged it off,” she said.

How she died is still under investigation, Taylor said.

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