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You are looking for restaurants that cater to celiacs in Fort Myers and Naples?



A gluten-free Belgian waffle from Epiphany Gluten Free Bakery in Naples.

QFamilies are coming to our home. We need a gluten-free restaurant for our daughter-in law who has celiac. Do you have any recommendations? Although many restaurants offer gluten-free options, not all of them are able to prepare it properly for celiac patients. Many thanks. – Bonnie G.

You can find this link: Although the gluten-free movement continues to be popular, this has not meant that much for those who have celiac disease. Bonnie, even a small amount of breadcrumbs can create stomach irritation that lasts for several days. Although many places are now offering gluten-free options, very few understand how to manage it. A functioning system with knowledgeable staff is essential for a gluten-free kitchen. It is very difficult to find this.

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True Food Kitchen, Naples does a great job of creating gluten-friendly menu options. Staff are extremely helpful, and many starters can be made gluten-free. The restaurant is aware that there are shared kitchens, which means it cannot guarantee celiac diseases.

After visiting the Pizza Fusion restaurant in Fort Myers’ south, I was able to see the area that they use for making gluten free pizzas. This area is separate from the main kitchen and has its own equipment with color codes. It offers a very high gluten-free friendliness. Another option would be to try one of the many organic local restaurants such as Vibrant Beat or Organically Twisted. This is where you can get in touch with the staff to learn more about your nutrition and to use it to your benefit.

Epiphany is a Naples gluten-free bakery that preserves the best for last. No shared spaces. No common equipment. No gluten at all. Sugar-sweet sweetness that pleases both gluten-tolerant people and those who are not.

Pizza Fusion in south Fort Myers has a gluten-free menu.

Jean Le Boeuf, a pseudonym for a local foodie, dines unannounced in restaurants without being warned. The News-Press pays the meals. Send an email to JLB at [email protected]; Follow the reviewer on or @JeanLeBoeuf on Twitter and Instagram.

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