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6 Things You Didn’t Know About HGTV’s Dave And Jenny Marrs

daveandjennymarrs fixertofabulous hgtv 2 645538c86e081.jpg
daveandjennymarrs fixertofabulous hgtv 2 645538c86e081.jpg

Dave and Jenny Marrs are the popular stars of the HGTV show “Fixer to Fabulous,” known for renovating and designing homes in their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. While fans may feel like they know the couple from the show, there are still plenty of things about Dave and Jenny that may surprise even their most ardent supporters. Here are six things you probably didn’t know about the charismatic duo.
Dave and Jenny Marrs became household names when they debuted their show, Fixer to Fabulous, on HGTV in the fall of 2019. The couple, who live in Bentonville, Arkansas, have been renovating homes for over a decade and have a passion for transforming old, worn-down properties into beautiful, functional spaces. Here are six things you didn’t know about Dave and Jenny Marrs.

The Marrs are Arkansas natives and met in college

Dave and Jenny both hail from Arkansas and met while attending the same university. They were both studying to become medical professionals when they fell in love and eventually decided to change career paths to pursue their shared passion for home renovation.

Jenny is a former model

Before becoming a home renovator and designer, Jenny worked as a model. She has been featured in several high-profile fashion campaigns and has graced the pages of magazines all over the world. Her experience in the fashion industry has undoubtedly helped shape her keen eye for design.

Dave is a former firefighter

Before starting his career in home renovation, Dave worked as a firefighter in their local community. He spent ten years of his life saving lives and fighting fires before deciding to switch gears and pursue his passion for flipping houses.

They have five children, including two sets of twins

The Marrs are a big family, with five kids under the age of 10. Their oldest daughter, Sylvie, was born in 2010, followed by a set of twins, Luke and Liam, in 2014. They welcomed another set of twins, daughter Hazel and son Harrison, in 2016. Despite running a busy renovation business and filming a hit TV show, the Marrs make it a priority to spend quality time together as a family.

Their renovation company started small

Before they were the stars of their own HGTV show, the Marrs were operating a small renovation company, Marrs Developing. They would renovate homes in their spare time while still working full-time jobs. Over time, their passion for flipping houses and renovating properties grew, and they eventually quit their day jobs to expand their business.

They are passionate about restoring historic homes

As avid history buffs, Dave and Jenny are passionate about preserving the rich architectural history of their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. Many of the homes they renovate are historic properties that have fallen into disrepair. By restoring these homes to their former glory, the Marrs hope to honor the history and character of their community.

In conclusion, Dave and Jenny Marrs have been busy flipping homes and renovating properties for over a decade. With their passion for preserving history and unique design aesthetic, it’s no wonder they’ve become one of HGTV’s most beloved couples. From their small beginnings to their five children and love of historic homes, there’s no doubt that Dave and Jenny Marrs have many more exciting ventures ahead.


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