Two flown to the hospital after dog attack in Englewood

Two flown to the hospital after dog attack in Englewood

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – Two people were attacked by a dog in Englewood Wednesday afternoon.

A man and a woman both in their 60’s were attacked by a pit bull that they have had as a pet for at least three years, according to the Charlotte County Fire Department.

Rescue crews said they were responding to reports of a woman having a seizure. When first responders arrived, they found the woman was having a seizure and had puncture wounds on her neck.

A family member identified the woman and her husband as Jay and Joan Barkow.

The dog attacked Joan when she was having a seizure then attacked Jay when he stepped in to help, according to the family member.

The man had injuries on his right arm and hand along with a serious chest injury and puncture wounds on his back consistent with a dog attack, investigators said.

Charlotte County Fire and EMS said they along with crews from Englewood fire responded to the dog attack.

When they arrived they said the dog started to attack the owner again. A deputy tased the dog who was then picked up by animal control, fire crews said.

Both people were flown to the hospital after first responders made a landing zone at an Englewood Walmart, firefighters said.

The woman was taken as a trauma alert in serious condition.

The dog who attacked the couple was humanely euthanized per the family’s request, accoridng to Animal Control.

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