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After Shark Tank: The Outcome

Here’s What Happened After Shark Tank: The Journey of Success and Struggles

Shark Tank is a popular reality TV show that showcases aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of successful investors, known as the Sharks. As the entrepreneurs walk into the tank, they hope to secure a deal that can catapult their business to new heights. However, the outcome of appearing on Shark Tank is not always a guaranteed success story. In this article, we will explore the journeys of some former Shark Tank contestants and what transpired for their businesses after the show.

The Deal That Changed Everything: The Success Stories

For some entrepreneurs, their appearance on Shark Tank was a game-changer that led to incredible success. One such example is the creator of the Scrub Daddy, an innovative scrubbing sponge. Aaron Krause walked into the tank seeking an investment of $100,000 for a 10% equity stake in his company. Lori Greiner, one of the Sharks, saw the potential in the product and struck a deal with Krause. Following the show, Scrub Daddy became a household name, generating over $170 million in sales and becoming one of the most successful products to emerge from the Shark Tank.

Another remarkable success story is that of the Cousins Maine Lobster food truck. Cousins Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac walked into the tank seeking an investment of $55,000 for a 15% stake in their seafood business. Barbara Corcoran recognized the potential of their concept and provided the funding they needed. Today, Cousins Maine Lobster has expanded into a multi-million dollar business with franchise locations across the United States, thanks to their appearance on Shark Tank.

The Struggles Behind the Scenes: The Challenges Faced

While some entrepreneurs achieved remarkable success, others faced substantial challenges after appearing on Shark Tank. One example is the app-based fitness program, Sworkit. The founders, Greg Coleman and Ryan Hanna, received an investment from billionaire Mark Cuban during their appearance on the show. However, despite the initial success, the business encountered difficulties in scaling and achieving sustained growth. The company eventually pivoted its business model and focused on enterprise clients, leading to a resurgence of growth and profitability.

Another entrepreneur who faced challenges post-Shark Tank is Rachel Zietz, the founder of Gladiator Lacrosse. Her lacrosse equipment business attracted the attention of Mark Cuban during her appearance on the show, landing her a deal. However, Zietz had to navigate through fierce competition and market saturation, leading to difficulties in sustaining growth. Despite the challenges, she persevered and successfully managed to expand her product line and secure partnerships with major retailers.

Lessons Learned: The Impact of Shark Tank

One common lesson that emerged from the experiences of these entrepreneurs is the importance of adaptability and resilience. The business landscape is ever-changing, and even a successful appearance on Shark Tank does not guarantee long-term success. Entrepreneurs must be willing to pivot, adapt their strategies, and navigate through challenges to stay relevant and profitable.

Furthermore, the investor partnerships formed on Shark Tank can provide entrepreneurs with valuable expertise and connections. However, it is essential for entrepreneurs to choose the right investor who aligns with their vision and can truly add value beyond just financial support. The success stories highlight the importance of selecting the right partner and leveraging their experience to drive growth.

The Impact Beyond the Tank: Publicity and Exposure

Regardless of the outcome, appearing on Shark Tank provides entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity for publicity and exposure. The show has a large viewership, and even if a deal with the Sharks is not secured, entrepreneurs often experience a surge in interest and sales following their appearance. This exposure can lead to partnerships, collaborations, and increased brand recognition.

However, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to effectively capitalize on this exposure. They must have a solid marketing strategy in place to convert the increased interest into sustained growth. Without a well-executed plan, the surge in attention may fizzle out, and the business may struggle to maintain its momentum.


Appearing on Shark Tank is undoubtedly a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas to a panel of influential investors. Some emerge from the tank with remarkable success stories, while others face significant challenges. The key to turning a Shark Tank appearance into long-term success lies in adaptability, choosing the right partnerships, and effectively capitalizing on the exposure gained from the show. Regardless of the outcome, the lessons learned and experiences gained through the Shark Tank journey often become invaluable assets for entrepreneurs as they continue on their path of innovation and growth.


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