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Amazon Prime Video: The timing of ad inclusion and smart ways to bypass them

When Will Amazon Prime Video Start Showing Ads?

Amazon Prime Video has become one of the leading streaming platforms, offering a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content. As an Amazon Prime member, you enjoy an ad-free streaming experience. However, rumors and speculations have been circulating about the possibility of Amazon Prime Video introducing ads and commercials. In this article, we will explore when Amazon Prime Video might start showing ads and provide some strategies on how to avoid them.

1. Rumors and Speculations

Throughout 2021, there has been speculation about the introduction of ads on Amazon Prime Video. However, Amazon has not made any official announcements regarding this matter. The rumors have sparked concerns among loyal Prime Video users who appreciate the uninterrupted streaming experience.

2. Market Competition

One of the reasons behind the speculations about ads on Amazon Prime Video is the intense competition among streaming platforms. Industry giants like Netflix and Hulu have already incorporated ads into their service, creating an additional revenue stream. Some experts argue that Amazon might consider following a similar path to remain competitive.

3. The Potential Benefits of Ads

While ads may not be welcomed by Prime Video subscribers, there are potential benefits that Amazon may consider. Introducing ads could allow Amazon to offer lower subscription fees or provide an alternative ad-supported streaming model. This could attract a wider audience base and provide additional revenue streams.

4. Strategies to Avoid Ads on Amazon Prime Video

For those who choose to avoid potential ads on Amazon Prime Video, below are some strategies:

i. Stick with Standard Subscription

Currently, Amazon Prime Video offers two types of subscriptions: Prime Video and Prime Video + Channels. The Prime Video subscription, which is the standard option, does not include any additional channel subscriptions. By opting for this subscription, you can avoid potential ads that might be introduced through channel content.

ii. Purchase/rent ad-free content

Another strategy to avoid ads is to rent or purchase ad-free content on Amazon Prime Video. While this may incur additional costs, it ensures an uninterrupted viewing experience. Many movies and TV shows on the platform provide the option to rent or purchase without ads.

iii. Utilize Ad Blockers

If ads do become a reality on Amazon Prime Video, you can use ad-blocking software or browser extensions to block them. There are numerous ad-blockers available for popular web browsers, helping you maintain an ad-free streaming experience.

iv. Provide User Feedback

Your opinion matters to Amazon. If you strongly oppose the introduction of ads on Prime Video, make your voice heard. Reach out to Amazon customer support and provide feedback expressing your dissatisfaction with potential ads. Customer feedback has the potential to shape Amazon’s decisions regarding their streaming service.

v. Explore Other Streaming Platforms

Lastly, if ads on Amazon Prime Video become a dealbreaker for you, there are plenty of alternative streaming platforms available. Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max are popular options that currently offer ad-free experiences. Exploring other platforms may be an alternative for those seeking uninterrupted streaming.

5. Conclusion

While rumors and speculations about ads on Amazon Prime Video have surfaced, no official announcement has been made by Amazon. The introduction of ads could potentially benefit Amazon financially, but it may also disappoint avid Prime Video users who value the ad-free experience. Nevertheless, there are strategies available to avoid ads, such as sticking with the standard subscription, purchasing ad-free content, using ad blockers, providing user feedback, and exploring alternative streaming platforms. Ultimately, the future of ads on Amazon Prime Video remains uncertain, and only time will tell if they become a reality.


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