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An Adventurous Backpacker Reveals Her Strategy of Avoiding White Clothing While Traveling to 40 Countries

Avoiding White Clothing: The Wise Choice for a Solo Backpacker

Traveling offers the opportunity to explore new cultures, witness stunning landscapes, and create lifelong memories. For a solo backpacker, the world becomes a playground ready to be discovered. However, seasoned travelers know that certain choices can make a significant difference in their journeys. One such choice is avoiding white clothing. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why a solo backpacker who has been to 40 countries shares the wisdom in leaving white clothes behind when embarking on an adventure.

The Practicality Behind the Choice

When it comes to backpacking, practicality is key. Lugging around a massive backpack while hopping from one destination to another can be physically demanding. Additionally, access to laundry facilities may not always be readily available. This is where the decision to avoid packing white clothing makes perfect sense.

White clothes tend to show dirt, stains, and wear and tear more noticeably than garments of other colors. On muddy hikes, crowded buses, or during unexpected rainfall, it’s easy to see why wearing white can quickly become a nightmare. Opting for darker shades or patterns can conceal any accidental spills or grime, allowing the backpacker to remain presentable while on the move.

Cultural Considerations

Traveling is an immersive experience, and embracing the cultural norms of each destination is part of the adventure. In many countries, white clothing holds significant cultural or religious symbolism. For instance, in some Asian cultures, white is associated with mourning and funerals, while in African communities, white clothing might be seen as disrespectful or associated with colonialism. By avoiding white clothing, backpackers can show respect for the local customs and traditions they encounter on their journey.

Fighting Off Unwanted Attention

Traveling alone as a backpacker can be an incredible experience, but safety is always a top concern. In certain countries, solo female travelers may attract unwanted attention from individuals with ill intentions. By wearing neutral or darker colors, solo backpackers can blend in with the locals and avoid standing out as obvious tourists or targets. While it’s essential to remain cautious and aware regardless of the clothing choices, selecting the right attire can play a role in one’s safety and minimize unnecessary risks.

Packing Light and Efficiently

For backpackers, the art of packing light is crucial. White clothing tends to be more prone to showing wrinkles and stains, requiring additional care and attention during the journey. Eliminating white garments from the packing list allows more room for essential items such as versatile clothing pieces, first aid kits, electronics, and personal mementos. The ability to prioritize practicality and efficiency when packing can significantly enhance the backpacking experience and make life on the road more enjoyable.

Adapting to Multiple Climates

One of the joys of backpacking is encountering diverse climates and environments. From tropical rainforests to frigid mountaintops, solo backpackers experience it all. White clothing, although often associated with summer and warmer weather, might not be suitable for every climate. In regions with heavy precipitation or during the winter months, white clothing can become impractical and uncomfortable. By opting for darker hues or adaptable clothing, backpackers can be prepared for any climate or weather condition they may encounter during their travels.

Preserving Memories Unspoiled

Backpacking is a journey of self-discovery, and every traveler returns home with unforgettable memories. However, white clothing may act as an unwelcome reminder of messy mishaps or accidental spills that occurred along the way. By avoiding white garments, backpackers can preserve their cherished memories without visual reminders of those less pleasant moments. Instead, they can focus on the vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible people they encountered on their unique adventure.


For a solo backpacker with boundless curiosity and a thirst for exploration, every choice made before embarking on a journey can significantly impact the overall experience. With practicality, cultural respect, safety considerations, efficient packing, adaptability to diverse climates, and the desire to preserve memories in mind, avoiding white clothing proves to be a wise choice. By carefully selecting the right colors and styles, solo backpackers can embark on their adventures with confidence, ready to embrace the world around them while creating lifelong memories.


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