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Angered Collier abortion rights activists protest Roe v. Wade reversal outside County Courthouse

Angered Collier abortion rights activists protest Roe v. Wade reversal outside County Courthouse
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COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — After news broke that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade many are taking to the streets in protest. The overturn now makes it federally unconstitutional for women to have abortions. 

Today a group of Abortion Rights activists gathered at the front steps of the Collier County Courthouse hoping to be heard now that abortion rights is in the hands of state leaders. 

16-year-old Camila Fernandez hosted Saturdays protest. 

“I was looking at the map of all the different protests and I just noticed that there was a button that said host one and I was thinking someone has to,” Fernandez said. 

Over 100 abortion right activists showed up with their signs and chants hoping to be heard from state leaders. 

“I think that it’s outrageous that 6 justices on the Supreme Court can make decisions for millions of women across America, that we don’t agree with that we didn’t decide that,” Fernandez said.

For some protestors this movement brought back memories. 

“I marched when I was 15 to have my body, my choice and in 73 we finally got it,” Patsy Rankin said. ”I thought now I could live my life and I can have choices, good choices for myself that I decide.”

Rankin said almost 50 years have passed and she’s saddened to still be chanting once again. 

“It’s so sad. A lot of people I know are angry but I’m just sad that we haven’t advanced intellectually to say that women and men are of equal status and that saddens me.”

Protestors say they are hoping the Supreme Court will reverse their decision and listen to the cries of the people. 

“The decisions and the laws that get made shouldn’t be based on their opinions. It’s supposed to be representative of their country and I hope that they hear that their country doesn’t agree with what they are doing,” Fernandez said. 

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