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Anthony Richardson Expresses Surprise at Being Named Week 1 Starter for Colts: ‘Wow, it’s actually real’

Anthony Richardson ‘shocked’ Colts named him Week 1 starter: ‘Wow, it really happened’

When the Indianapolis Colts announced that Anthony Richardson would be their starting quarterback for Week 1, the young player couldn’t believe his ears. “Wow, it really happened,” Richardson exclaimed in an interview after the news broke. The decision came as a shock to many football fans and experts, as Richardson was not considered a top contender for the starting position. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the Colts’ surprising choice and explore the potential impact it could have on the team’s upcoming season.

The Underdog Rises

Richardson’s journey to becoming the starting quarterback for the Colts was nothing short of remarkable. He joined the team as an undrafted free agent and worked tirelessly to prove his worth during preseason games and training camp. His strong arm, accuracy, and ability to make quick decisions on the field caught the attention of the coaching staff, ultimately leading to his ascent to the starting position.

Although Richardson’s rise may seem unexpected, it is a testament to his hard work and determination. In a league dominated by high draft picks and established quarterbacks, he has overcome the odds and earned the trust of his teammates and coaches.

The Colt’s Calculated Risk

While the decision to start Richardson may be surprising to some, the Colts’ coaching staff clearly sees something special in the young quarterback. They believe he has the potential to elevate the team’s offense and bring a new level of excitement to the field.

By selecting Richardson over more experienced options, the Colts are taking a calculated risk. They are betting on his talent and potential to outshine his lack of experience. It is a bold move that could pay off in the long run, as Richardson has shown flashes of brilliance during preseason games.

Implications for the Team

With Richardson as their starting quarterback, the Colts’ offense will likely undergo some changes. His mobility and ability to extend plays with his legs could bring a new dynamic to the team’s strategy. Richardson’s arm strength and accuracy will also provide opportunities for deep passes and big plays down the field.

The team will have to adapt their playbook to suit Richardson’s strengths, ensuring that the offensive line provides adequate protection and that the receivers are ready to catch his accurate throws. Chemistry and communication will be key for the Colts’ offense to effectively execute their game plan with Richardson at the helm.

Pressure and Expectations

Being named the starting quarterback for an NFL team comes with a tremendous amount of pressure and expectations. Richardson will face scrutiny from fans, media, and opposing defenses as he seeks to prove that he is worthy of the position.

Every snap he takes will be closely analyzed, and every mistake will be magnified. The spotlight will be on him, and it will be up to Richardson to show that he can handle the pressure and lead the Colts to success.

A New Era Begins

Richardson’s appointment as the Colts’ starting quarterback marks the beginning of a new era for the team. With a fresh face at the helm, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation for what the future holds.

While Richardson may have been shocked by the announcement, he is ready to embrace the opportunity and prove himself on the field. He understands the challenges that lie ahead but is determined to work hard and give his best for the team.


The Indianapolis Colts’ decision to name Anthony Richardson as their Week 1 starter was met with surprise and excitement. Richardson’s journey from an undrafted free agent to the starting quarterback is a testament to his hard work and ability to seize opportunities.

Although he may lack experience, the Colts’ coaching staff sees potential in Richardson and believes he can bring a fresh and exciting dynamic to the team’s offense. With the pressure and expectations that come with the starting quarterback position, Richardson faces a challenging road ahead. However, his determination and talent make him an intriguing player to watch, and his performance will undoubtedly shape the future of the Indianapolis Colts.


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