Arcade robbery on Cleveland Ave ‘appears to be connected’ with armed robbery

One person hospitalized after Travelodge shooting

FORT MYERS, Fla.  — Fort Myers Police is at the scene of an arcade robbery on Cleveland Ave. and Oakley where police say ‘it appears to be connected’ with another armed robbery Thursday morning.

According to FMPD, the alarm went off at 1:14 PM.

FMPD has confirmed with us they do not know what weapon was used.

The armed robbery Thursday morning, that FMPD says ‘appears to be connected’, was at the location of 777 Arcade on Del Prado Blvd South. No arrests have been made, but authorities believe that the two suspects involved are described as a black male with shoulder-length dreads. The other is described as a 6’4 black male with facial hair.

The two suspects stole an unknown amount of money according to Cape Coral Police.

We are at the scene getting you the latest; check back for updates.

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