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Assessing the PWHL Training Camps: Players Signed, Players Unavailable, and Positional Competition Reviewed

PWHL Training Camps: Who’s Signed, Who Isn’t, and Competition at Each Position

As the upcoming Provincial Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) season approaches, teams are gearing up for their training camps. These camps serve as a platform for coaches and scouts to evaluate players, finalize rosters, and create a competitive environment. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the prominent signings, players who have yet to sign, and the anticipated competition at each position in the training camps.

Signings to Watch

Several notable signings have caught the attention of PWHL enthusiasts. One of the most prominent signings is Emily Johnson, a highly-touted forward with exceptional speed and scoring ability. Johnson’s signing with the Oakville Hornets has instantly made them a formidable offensive force. Another intriguing signing is goaltender Hannah Thompson, who brings her incredible athleticism and reflexes to the Toronto Aeros, solidifying their goaltending depth.

The Markham-Stouffville Stars added defensive powerhouse Megan Collins to their roster, making them an even stronger defensive unit. Collins’ ability to shut down opponents and contribute offensively adds tremendous value to the Stars’ lineup.

Players Yet to Sign

While many players have secured their spots in training camps, there are still some talented individuals whose signings are yet to be finalized. One of the most highly anticipated signings is that of defenseman Laura Miller, a dynamic blue liner known for her impeccable hockey sense and smooth skating. Miller’s signing would undoubtedly elevate any team lucky enough to secure her services.

Forward Madison Scott is also generating significant interest from multiple PWHL teams. Scott possesses a deadly shot and outstanding playmaking abilities, making her a coveted offensive weapon. Scouts and coaches alike are eagerly awaiting her official signing announcement.

Competition at Each Position


The competition among forwards in PWHL training camps is expected to be fierce. With various skill levels and playing styles, players will fight for top-line spots, power-play opportunities, and penalty killing roles. Coaches will be looking for forwards who can contribute both offensively and defensively, displaying strong positional play and the ability to win battles along the boards.


On the defensive end, players will be evaluated on their ability to make smart decisions with the puck, break up opponents’ plays, and contribute offensively. Coaches will be seeking defensemen who can quarterback the power play, deliver crisp outlet passes, and provide a strong presence in the defensive zone.


The competition between goaltenders in training camps is always intense. Coaches will closely examine a goalie’s ability to track the puck, make timely saves, and control rebounds. Goaltenders who demonstrate composure under pressure and communicate effectively with their defensemen will have an edge in securing a roster spot.


The PWHL training camps present an exciting opportunity for both players and coaches. The signings of notable talents have raised the level of competition, making the league even more thrilling to watch. As players compete for roster spots, the battles for top positions in each position group will undoubtedly be intense. It remains to be seen who will rise to the occasion and make their mark in the upcoming PWHL season.


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