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Bokelia Fishing Pier reopens

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The Bokelia Fishing Pier has finally reopened after being closed since September 2020. The pier, which had been closed due to damage caused by Hurricane Sally, has undergone extensive repairs to ensure it is safe for visitors. Located in Florida, the pier is a popular spot for recreational fishing, and its reopening has been welcomed by locals and tourists alike. With its stunning views and excellent fishing opportunities, the Bokelia Fishing Pier is sure to attract crowds once again.

Bokelia Fishing Pier Reopens: A Rejuvenating Experience for Fishing Enthusiasts


Bokelia Fishing Pier, one of the oldest fishing piers in Florida, was temporarily closed due to Hurricane Sally that ravaged Florida’s Gulf Coast in September 2020. After months of renovation, Bokelia Fishing Pier has reopened, providing fishing enthusiasts with a rejuvenating and exciting fishing experience. This article aims to highlight the significance of Bokelia Fishing Pier reopening, its history, the renovated features, and the overall fishing experience.

The History of Bokelia Fishing Pier

Bokelia Fishing Pier has a long and rich history. It was constructed in 1920 by A.W. “Leon” Weaver, one of the first settlers on Pine Island, and has been a popular fishing spot for locals and tourists ever since. The original pier was 620 feet long and was used for loading and unloading, but by the 1950s, it had become a popular fishing spot and was extended to its current length of 980 feet. In 1960, Hurricane Donna destroyed the original pier, and it was rebuilt by the local community.

The Significance of Bokelia Fishing Pier Reopening

The reopening of Bokelia Fishing Pier is of great significance, not just for fishing enthusiasts but also for the local community. The pier is one of the oldest fishing piers in Florida and has been a symbol of Pine Island’s culture and tradition. It has been an integral part of the community, and its reopening is a testament to the resilience of the community after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sally.

Moreover, the reopening of Bokelia Fishing Pier provides an economic boost to the local community. Fishing is a popular activity among tourists, and the reopening of the pier is likely to attract tourists to Pine Island, boosting local businesses and creating employment opportunities.

The Renovated Features of Bokelia Fishing Pier

The renovation of Bokelia Fishing Pier includes the replacement of the deck with concrete planks, which makes the pier more durable and accessible for people with disabilities. The upgraded lighting system provides better visibility for night fishing. The renovated restrooms and the new picnic tables and benches offer comfortable and convenient amenities for fishing enthusiasts and families alike.

The overall fishing experience at Bokelia Fishing Pier is enhanced by the installation of new fish-cleaning stations, which make it easier to clean and prepare the catch. The pier also has an underwater camera that allows visitors to observe the fish underwater, adding to the excitement and anticipation of catching a big one.

The Fishing Experience

Bokelia Fishing Pier is one of the best spots for fishing in Florida. The pier is located in a prime location, providing access to a variety of fish species, including snook, redfish, tarpon, and sheepshead. The pier is also a great spot for catching shrimp and crabs.

Fishing involves patience, strategy, and luck, and fishing at Bokelia Fishing Pier provides a rejuvenating and exciting experience. Fishing enthusiasts can spend hours on the pier, enjoying the tranquility of the sea, the gentle breeze, and the beautiful view of Pine Island Sound. Fishing at Bokelia Fishing Pier is not just a recreational activity but also a great stress-relief and bonding activity for families and friends.


The reopening of Bokelia Fishing Pier is a significant event for the local community and fishing enthusiasts. The pier’s long and rich history, coupled with the renovated features, offers a rejuvenating and exciting fishing experience for people of all ages. Fishing at Bokelia Fishing Pier is not just about catching fish, but also about enjoying the tranquility of the sea, the beautiful view of Pine Island Sound, and the camaraderie of fellow fishing enthusiasts. It is an integral part of Pine Island’s culture and tradition and provides an economic boost to the local community. So, grab your rods and reels and head down to Bokelia Fishing Pier for an unforgettable fishing experience.


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