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Browns Limit Joe Burrow to Less Than 100 Yards Passing, Shock Bengals in Week 1

Browns hold Joe Burrow to under 100 yards passing and stun Bengals in Week 1

When the Cleveland Browns squared off against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1, all eyes were on the highly anticipated matchup between the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Joe Burrow, and the revamped Browns’ defense. The game turned out to be a stunning showdown as the Browns managed to hold Burrow to under 100 yards passing, resulting in a surprising victory. Let’s delve into how the Browns accomplished this remarkable feat.

A Resilient Browns Defense

The Browns’ defense came into the game with a chip on their shoulders and a determination to silence critics who doubted their abilities. Led by defensive coordinator Joe Woods, Cleveland’s defense showcased their talent and depth throughout the game, creating constant pressure on Burrow and disrupting the Bengals’ passing game.

Woods employed an effective mix of blitzing schemes and tight coverage on the Bengals’ receivers, forcing Burrow to make rushed decisions and limiting his options. The defensive line, anchored by the formidable duo of Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney, consistently collapsed the pocket, leaving Burrow with little time to find open receivers.

The Secondary’s Stellar Performance

The Browns’ secondary was equally instrumental in frustrating Burrow and containing the Bengals’ passing attack. Denzel Ward, Greedy Williams, and rookie Greg Newsome II showcased their exceptional coverage skills, blanketing Cincinnati’s receivers and preventing them from gaining separation.

Additionally, safety John Johnson III proved to be a key presence in the backfield, providing crucial support in coverage and disrupting potential passing lanes. With the secondary effectively shutting down the Bengals’ receivers, Burrow was left with limited options, resulting in his inability to surpass the 100-yard passing mark.

Defensive Adjustments and Gameplan Execution

It’s worth noting that the Browns’ success in limiting Burrow’s passing yards was not purely coincidental. The coaching staff’s meticulous gameplan and their ability to make in-game adjustments played a vital role in this impressive defensive display.

Joe Woods and his defensive staff extensively studied Burrow’s college tape and familiarized themselves with his tendencies and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, they devised a gameplan that exploited Burrow’s weaknesses and put the Browns’ defenders in the best possible position to succeed.

Throughout the game, the defensive coaching staff made adjustments to confuse and frustrate Burrow. They frequently disguised their coverages, making it challenging for the rookie quarterback to identify open passing lanes. This strategy, combined with relentless pressure from the defensive line, continually disrupted the Bengals’ offensive rhythm and prevented Burrow from finding a rhythm of his own.

The Impact of an Improved Browns’ Offense

While the focus of this article is primarily on the Browns’ defense, it is important to acknowledge the significant impact of an improved Cleveland offense on Burrow’s limited passing success. With a revamped offensive line and a rejuvenated Baker Mayfield at the helm, the Browns’ offense controlled the time of possession and consistently moved the chains.

The ability to sustain long drives not only kept Burrow on the sidelines for extended periods but also exerted tremendous pressure on the Bengals’ offense to play catch-up. As the Browns built a lead, the Bengals were forced to abandon their balanced offensive approach in favor of a more pass-heavy game plan, which played directly into the hands of the Browns’ defensive strategy.


The Cleveland Browns’ stunning victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1 was a testament to their defensive prowess and meticulous game planning. Through a combination of relentless pressure, tight coverage, and well-executed game adjustments, the Browns effectively contained Joe Burrow and limited him to under 100 yards passing.

This impressive defensive showing sets a positive tone for the Browns’ season, signaling that they have a formidable defense capable of shutting down even the league’s most promising quarterbacks. As the season progresses, it will be exciting to witness the continued growth and development of the Browns’ defense, and the challenges they will present for future opponents.


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