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Brush fire Continues to Burn in Big Cypress Park

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A brush fire in Big Cypress National Preserve has been ongoing since February 18th, with over 32,000 acres burnt so far. The fire, caused by a lightning strike, has led to the partial closure of the park and the evacuation of nearby residents. Firefighters have been working hard to contain the blaze and prevent it from spreading further. However, high winds and dry conditions have made the task more challenging. Local authorities are closely monitoring the situation and urging visitors to stay out of the affected areas.

Brush Fire Continues to Burn in Big Cypress Park


Big Cypress Park, known for its scenic beauty, is in the state of Florida, United States. However, for the past few days, the park has been in the News for all the wrong reasons. A brush fire that started on March 23, 2021, has been raging uncontrollably in the park.

The Current Situation

The brush fire has spread over 14,000 acres of the park, and it is yet to be contained. The authorities are struggling to control the situation as the area is remote and challenging to access. The fire has been fueled by dry brush and grass, along with strong winds that have made the task of the firefighters even more challenging.

Impact on Wildlife

Big Cypress Park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The brush fire has had a severe impact on the wildlife in the area. The animals that have been affected the most are the Florida panthers and the black bears. The Florida panther is an endangered species and is already facing various threats to its survival. The brush fire has destroyed a significant portion of their habitat and has forced them to migrate to safer areas. Similarly, the black bears have also been forced to flee from their natural habitat. The authorities are trying their best to prevent any harm to the wildlife and have put in place various measures to protect them.

Impact on the Environment

The brush fire has had a severe impact on the environment. The smoke from the fire has resulted in the air quality in the area being severely affected. People in the surrounding areas have been advised to wear masks to protect themselves from the smoke. The fire has also released harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, which can have long-term effects on the environment. The authorities are closely monitoring the situation and are taking all measures to prevent any further harm.

Efforts to Control the Fire

The authorities have been working tirelessly to control the brush fire. They have deployed helicopters and aircraft to drop water over the affected areas to control the spread of the fire. The firefighters on the ground have been working round the clock to contain the fire. However, the strong winds have made their task even more challenging.

Cause of the Fire

The cause of the brush fire is still unknown. However, it is believed to be caused by human activity. The authorities have urged people to be cautious and to avoid starting any fires in the area. They have also advised people not to throw cigarettes or any other flammable materials as they can lead to a fire.


The brush fire in Big Cypress Park has caused significant damage to the environment and wildlife in the area. The authorities are doing their best to contain the fire and protect the wildlife. It is essential that people cooperate with the authorities and avoid any activity that can cause a fire. The impact of the fire on the environment and wildlife will be long-lasting, and it is crucial that we take all steps to prevent such incidents in the future.


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