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Cairns Optimistic about Growing Backpacker Market as Hostel Changes Hands

Hostel Sold As Cairns Prepares for Improved Backpacker Market

With Cairns being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, the city’s hostel industry has always played a vital role in accommodating the influx of backpackers. As the global travel restrictions begin to ease and international borders start to reopen, Cairns is preparing for an enhanced backpacker market. In line with this anticipation, a prominent local hostel has recently been sold, setting the stage for exciting changes in the city’s accommodation landscape.

The Changing Landscape of Cairns’ Backpacker Market

Cairns has long been an attractive destination for backpackers due to its stunning natural beauty, proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, and vibrant nightlife. The city’s hostels have traditionally provided affordable accommodations for budget-conscious travelers, allowing them to explore all that Cairns has to offer without breaking the bank.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the tourism industry, leaving many hostels struggling to survive. With international travel restrictions in place, the once bustling hostels of Cairns became empty shells, desperately waiting for the return of the backpackers who brought life to the city.

Nevertheless, hope is on the horizon as Australia’s vaccination rollout progresses and the country prepares to reopen its borders to international travelers. This positive outlook has reinvigorated the hostel industry in Cairns, with owners and investors recognizing the immense potential once backpackers return in full force.

Major Changes in the Accommodation Sector

One of the most notable changes in Cairns’ hostel industry is the recent sale of Oasis Backpackers, a well-established and beloved hostel. The property has been acquired by a renowned international hostel chain, signaling their confidence in the imminent recovery of the backpacker market in Cairns.

The hostel’s new management aims to revamp the property, injecting fresh energy and modern amenities while preserving its laid-back and social atmosphere that backpackers cherish. With the backing of a well-known brand and their commitment to providing excellent guest experiences, the newly revamped hostel is expected to become a premier destination for backpackers in Cairns.

Improved Facilities and Services

The acquisition of Oasis Backpackers brings a host of new improvements to the property. The management plans to renovate the existing facilities, creating modern and comfortable accommodation options for travelers of various budgets. Additionally, they intend to expand the communal areas, including social spaces, kitchens, and outdoor lounges, to foster the sense of community that backpackers seek.

Moreover, the hostel will invest in enhancing its range of services, aiming to provide a comprehensive experience for guests. This includes organizing day trips and excursions to the Great Barrier Reef, involvement in local conservation projects, and offering opportunities for cultural exchange through organized events and activities.

Embracing Sustainable Practices

The new management of Oasis Backpackers is passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly practices. They plan to implement various initiatives to reduce the hostel’s environmental impact, such as installing solar panels, introducing composting systems, and encouraging guests to participate in responsible tourism practices.

By aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly travel options, the hostel aims to attract a broader range of conscious travelers who prioritize sustainable accommodations while exploring the natural wonders of Cairns.

Positive Impact on Cairns’ Tourism Sector

The sale of Oasis Backpackers and the subsequent improvements being made in the hostel are expected to have a positive ripple effect on Cairns’ tourism sector as a whole. With a new and improved backpacker accommodation option, more travelers will be drawn to the city, boosting the local economy and supporting other tourism-related businesses.

Additionally, the presence of a well-known international hostel chain invests in Cairns’ reputation as a top backpacking destination. This endorsement helps build confidence among potential travelers, encouraging them to include Cairns in their itinerary and explore the wealth of unique experiences the city has to offer.


As Cairns prepares for an improved backpacker market, the recent sale of Oasis Backpackers signals a turning point for the city’s hostel industry. The injection of new management and their commitment to enhancing the property’s facilities and services promise an exciting and rejuvenated experience for backpackers visiting Cairns. This revitalization not only benefits the hostel industry but also has a positive multiplier effect on the local economy and Cairns’ overall reputation as a premier travel destination. As global travel gradually resumes, backpackers can look forward to a refreshed and vibrant Cairns, ready to welcome them with open arms.


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