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Canucks Receive High Marks in NHL Trade Analysis with Elias Lindholm Acquisition

NHL Trade Grades: Canucks Make Big Splash with Elias Lindholm Addition

When it comes to the NHL trade market, few moves generate as much buzz and excitement as a team making a big splash to improve their roster. That’s exactly what the Vancouver Canucks did when they acquired Elias Lindholm from the Calgary Flames in a blockbuster trade. Lindholm, a talented forward with a proven track record in the league, instantly gives the Canucks a significant boost in offensive firepower. Let’s take a closer look at this trade and evaluate how it grades for both teams involved.

The Trade Details

The trade between the Canucks and the Flames saw Vancouver send a package consisting of forward Jake Virtanen, defenseman Olli Juolevi, and a 2022 second-round draft pick to Calgary in exchange for Elias Lindholm. Virtanen, a former first-round pick, had struggled to find consistent success with the Canucks, while Juolevi, also a former first-round pick, had yet to establish himself as a regular NHL defenseman. On the other hand, Lindholm had been a key contributor for the Flames, posting impressive offensive numbers season after season.

The Canucks’ Perspective

For the Canucks, acquiring Elias Lindholm is a tremendous move that addresses one of their biggest needs – scoring depth. Lindholm is coming off a stellar season with the Flames, where he registered 29 goals and 30 assists in 56 games. Known for his versatility, Lindholm can slot into various positions and play with different linemates, adding valuable flexibility to Vancouver’s forward group.

Furthermore, Lindholm’s ability to consistently produce offense will alleviate some of the pressure on the Canucks’ star players, such as Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser. This not only makes the team more dangerous on the ice but also provides valuable support for their young talents, allowing them to focus on their game without shouldering the entire offensive burden.

The Flames’ Perspective

From the Flames’ perspective, losing Elias Lindholm is undoubtedly a tough blow. Lindholm had been a reliable offensive force for Calgary, consistently putting up strong numbers and contributing in all situations. His departure leaves a significant void in the Flames’ forward group that will need to be filled.

However, the Flames did receive some valuable assets in return. Jake Virtanen, despite his lack of consistency, brings a physical presence to the lineup and the potential for a fresh start with a new team. Olli Juolevi, while still developing, has shown promise as a defenseman and could benefit from a change of scenery. Additionally, the second-round draft pick can potentially yield another solid prospect for the Flames down the line.

Trade Grades

For the Vancouver Canucks, this trade deserves a solid A. They traded away two assets who hadn’t lived up to their potential in Virtanen and Juolevi, along with a second-round pick, in exchange for a proven top-six forward in Elias Lindholm. This move significantly improves their scoring depth and makes them a more formidable team in the competitive Western Conference.

On the other hand, the Calgary Flames receive a B- for this trade. While losing Lindholm is undoubtedly a blow, they acquired two young players with potential and an extra draft pick. If Virtanen can find consistency and Juolevi can develop into a solid NHL defenseman, this trade could end up being a win for the Flames in the long run.


The Vancouver Canucks made a bold move by acquiring Elias Lindholm from the Calgary Flames. With this trade, the Canucks significantly bolster their offensive firepower and provide much-needed support for their star players. While the Flames lose a top-notch player in Lindholm, they receive assets with potential upside in Virtanen and Juolevi, as well as an extra draft pick. Only time will tell how this trade pans out, but for now, the Canucks can celebrate their big splash in the NHL trade market.


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