Car pulled from water near Burnt Store Rd boat ramp

Car pulled from water near Burnt Store Rd boat ramp

CAPE CORAL, Fla.  — Police and dive teams pulled a car from the water near the Burnt Store Road boat ramp in Cape Coral on Friday.


There are also four tow trucks in the area attempting to fish a car out of the water.

There are buoys floating in the water.

The road leading to the boat ramp is closed.

Neighbors like Nancy Empert who live across the canal said they are surpised it took so long to be discovered.

“You would think the number of boats different sixes with different equipment would have had some kind of depth finders or something that would have brought it to light,” said Empert.

On Friday, Cape Coral Police Department said they are unsure how long the vehicle had been sumberged in the canal.

Car in water


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