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Cernak and Eyssimont out for Game Two


Unfortunately, the Tampa Bay Lightning will be without defenseman Erik Cernak and forward Mikey Eyssimont for Game Two of the Stanley Cup Final. As a hockey fan, it’s always disheartening to hear that players won’t be able to take the ice, especially during such a critical moment in the season. Both Cernak and Eyssimont have been valuable assets for the Lightning, and their absence will likely be felt. However, I have faith that the team will continue to rally and bring their all to the game.

Expert Opinion: Cernak and Eyssimont Out for Game Two

The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Los Angeles Kings faced off in Game One of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals on Monday night, and it was a hard-fought battle on both sides. While the Lightning ultimately took the victory with a final score of 4-3, it was clear that both teams came to play. However, the Lightning will now have to face Game Two without two key players, defenseman Erik Cernak and forward Mikey Eyssimont.

As an expert in the sport, I have analyzed the factors that contributed to their absence and how it could affect the outcome of the game.

Erik Cernak’s Injury

Cernak has been an integral part of the Lightning’s lineup all season, producing solid numbers in both the offensive and defensive zones. He has been a key contributor to the team’s success in the playoffs as well, making it difficult for opponents to penetrate and score.

Unfortunately, Cernak suffered an upper-body injury during Game One that forced him to leave the game early in the second period. The exact details of the injury have not been released, but it was clear that he was in significant pain as he exited the ice.

While the Lightning have not officially ruled Cernak out for the remainder of the series, it seems unlikely that he will be able to return in the near future. In his absence, the Lightning will have to rely on their remaining defensemen to step up and fill the void.

Impact on Lightning’s Defense

Cernak’s absence will undoubtedly have an impact on the Lightning’s defense. He has been a key part of the team’s strategy, shutting down opponent’s offenses and contributing to the team’s offensive efforts as well. His physical presence on the ice will be sorely missed, as he has been known to throw his body around to keep opposing players at bay.

In order to compensate for Cernak’s absence, the Lightning will need their remaining defensemen to step up and take on more responsibility. Victor Hedman, Ryan McDonagh, and Mikhail Sergachev will likely see an increase in their ice time, as they will need to take on a larger role in the team’s defensive strategy.

While these defensemen are all capable of handling the added pressure, it will be a challenge to replace Cernak’s physicality on the ice. The Kings will likely attempt to take advantage of this weakness and push harder to penetrate the Lightning’s defense.

Mikey Eyssimont’s Absence

Eyssimont’s absence is also a blow to the Kings. While he has not been a key player in the playoffs, he has played a significant role on the Kings’ bottom line, providing energy and physicality on the ice.

Eyssimont suffered an upper-body injury during Game One as well, but the specifics of the injury have not been disclosed. It is also unclear whether he will be able to return to the ice for the remainder of the series.

Impact on the Kings’ Offense

Eyssimont’s absence will likely have less of an impact on the Kings’ offense compared to Cernak’s absence on the Lightning’s defense. However, his physical presence and energy will be missed on the ice.

The Kings will need to rely on their remaining forwards to pick up the slack and continue to pressure the Lightning’s defense. If they can continue to put shots on net and drive the play towards the Lightning’s end, they may be able to take advantage of the Lightning’s weakened defense and tie up the series.


Both Cernak and Eyssimont’s absence from Game Two will have significant impacts on their respective teams. While the Lightning will need to compensate for Cernak’s physical presence on the ice, the Kings will have to find a way to make up for Eyssimont’s absence in their lineup.

Ultimately, the result of Game Two will come down to which team can adapt better to these changes. If the Lightning can find a way to cover the holes left by Cernak’s absence and continue to pressure the Kings, they may be able to take a commanding lead in the series. However, if the Kings can take advantage of the open spots in the Lightning’s defense and continue to drive play towards their end, they may be able to even up the series.

As an expert in the sport, I will be eagerly watching Game Two to see how these factors play out on the ice. And regardless of the outcome, these two teams have already proven themselves to be some of the best in the league, providing fans with some thrilling hockey that will undoubtedly go down in the history books.


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