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Changes coming to Moss Marina, Fort Myers Beach as town rebuilds

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Moss Marina, a prime tourist spot located in Fort Myers Beach, is undergoing major changes as the town rebuilds. The marina, which offers numerous boating services and activities, will see new additions such as a swimming pool, shopping area, and restaurants. The upgrade is aimed at making the marina and surrounding area more appealing to visitors and boosting the local economy. Plans also include the addition of a 200-room hotel and improved parking facilities. These changes are expected to be completed within the next few years.


Fort Myers Beach is undergoing various changes as it undergoes a transformation to become a more modernized and attractive vacation destination. The town has long been a popular tourist spot, known for its fantastic beaches, plethora of outdoor activities, and cultural heritage. However, in recent years, the town has faced significant challenges, including declining tourism due to a lack of investment and outdated infrastructure. Despite these challenges, Fort Myers Beach is set to experience positive changes in the coming years as the town undergoes a rebuilding phase, including upgrades to Moss Marina.

Moss Marina:

Moss Marina is one of the critical landmarks in Fort Myers Beach, located on the bay side of the island. This marina is the hub of various marine activities, including boating, fishing, and water sports. The facility is considered one of the most popular docks in the area, with over 77 slips accommodating a range of boats and yachts.

Reconstruction Works:

In recent years, the Moss Marina has faced many infrastructure problems such as aged docks, unsafe conditions for boaters, and limited parking. As such, the town’s administration has committed to a massive renovation project which will modernize the facility and make it one of the most attractive in the area. The renovations include:

1. Improved amenities:

The marina will receive new and upgraded amenities such as newly designed, modernized restrooms and Wi-Fi for boaters.

2. Parking:

The parking lot is set to be expanded, adding more car spaces for users.

3. New floating docks:

The current docks will be removed and replaced with state-of-the-art floating docks.

4. Boat lifts:

The marina will install a boat lift for easy lifting of boats, which will reduce the time needed to dock the vessels.

5. Renovating the Boardwalk:

The boardwalk, a popular walking area for visitors, will be updated with more seating and other amenities, providing a more relaxed atmosphere for tourists.

The Benefits of the Renovations:

The Moss Marina upgrade is part of a more substantial plan to revitalize the town of Fort Myers Beach. The project is expected to attract more visitors who may stay for longer periods and help raise the town’s economy. This will positively impact the town’s businesses, create more job opportunities and bring in more money for the residents of the town.


Fort Myers Beach is set to be transformed with the ongoing renovation projects in the town. The Moss Marina upgrade is just one of the numerous infrastructure developments that the town will experience. It is a clear indication that the town’s administration is committed to developing and improving the town as a whole. As the project continues to progress, we can only expect to see a rise in tourism and a more significant influx in the economy. Therefore, locals, tourists, and investors should look into these favorable changes happening in Fort Myers Beach.


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