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Charlotte County neighborhood says they feel left behind

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Residents of Charlotte County, Florida are expressing feelings of neglect and being left behind in the wake of rapid development and growth in neighboring areas. As development spreads rapidly across Southwest Florida’s coastline and cities, residents of the small community feel their concerns have gone unheard. Some say their neighborhoods have been ignored by local officials and left without even basic amenities. This article explores the changing face of Southwest Florida and how it’s impacting the lives of its residents.

Charlotte County Neighborhood: Feeling Left Behind

The residents of Charlotte County’s Bayshore community have recently expressed their disappointment with the lack of attention and investment from their local government.


Bayshore is a neighborhood located on the eastern shore of Charlotte Harbor, in the southern Gulf Coast region of Florida. It is home to approximately 5,000 residents, many of whom are retirees or working-class families.

According to a report by the Charlotte Sun, the lack of investment in essential community services such as roads, drainage, and public safety has been a source of frustration for residents for many years.

Infrastructure Issues

One of the primary concerns of Bayshore residents is the condition of their roads. Many of the roads in the community have potholes, cracks, and other damage that makes them dangerous to drive on. The lack of sidewalks and crosswalks also makes it difficult for residents to walk or bike safely.

Additionally, drainage is a major problem in the neighborhood. During heavy rainstorms, many streets flood and become impassable. This not only poses a danger to drivers but also causes property damage to residents’ homes.

Public Safety Concerns

The Bayshore community has also expressed concerns about the lack of police presence in the area. Many residents feel that there is not enough police patrolling their neighborhood, and that crime is on the rise.

In an interview with WINK News, one resident stated that “We’re concerned about break-ins, we’re concerned about cars being stolen, we’re concerned about safety.” This sentiment is shared by many residents who feel that they are not receiving the same level of protection as other communities in Charlotte County.

Community Investment

Bayshore residents believe that part of the problem is the lack of investment in their community. They feel that the local government has not been putting in the necessary resources to improve infrastructure and public safety. This has led to a feeling of neglect and frustration among residents who feel that their needs are not being met.

In response, residents have been speaking out at community meetings and town halls to voice their concerns and demand action from local officials.


The Bayshore neighborhood in Charlotte County is just one example of the challenges faced by many communities across the country. Without proper investment in infrastructure and public safety, residents can feel left behind and neglected by their local government.

However, by coming together and advocating for their needs, residents in the Bayshore community and other communities like it can make their voices heard and demand the attention and resources they deserve.


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