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City Council discussing potential perks for homeowners who save water in Cape Coral

City Council discussing potential perks for homeowners who save water in Cape Coral
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CAPE CORAL, Fla. — On Wednesday, the city of Cape Coral was discussing the idea of offering perks for people who help the cape save water.

It’s an idea that was discussed during the Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting.

Fox 4 requested an interview to discuss what this could mean if the idea ever became an ordinance and on Wednesday the City of Cape Coral declined our interview at this time.

So instead I spoke with homeowners, about the city’s idea of paying people to install what the city was calling smart sprinklers

Neighbors in Cape Coral were hot and cold when it came to the idea of installing smart sprinklers.

After a visit to a local hardware store, I learned items like a “rain sensor” are one of the items the city of Cape Coral could potentially want homeowners to install.

It senses when it’s raining and shuts off your sprinkler.

It’s an option city council members say could earn homeowners a $500 rebate and in part, help the city save178 million gallons of water a year.

“I have been here for a long time, I know we have always had problems with water, during the dry season so I agree that’s a good idea,” said Dennis Bertolo, a homeowner in Cape Coral.

On Wednesday, an idea was all that it was.

Cape Coral city council members have still not decided whether or not to vote on it.

so having lived in cape coral for the past year, I wanted to see if installing a sensor could mean, easy money.

The rain sensor costs around $26 and according to Paul Perzyk, its an idea that he is not unfamiliar to.

“20 years ago almost every home in Cape Coral had those rain sensors on them and after a year or so they quit working,” said Perzyk.

A Perzyk thinks the potential ordinance is an interesting incentive.

“Oh I’ll do it for $500 bucks, but it won’t last very long,” said Perzyk.

Properties that install the smart sprinklers would also not have to follow the city’s restrictions on how many days they can water per week.

Along with the smart sprinklers, city staff is also proposing their chemical injection system will have to comply with the city’s fertilizer ordinance.

They said these kinds of chemicals have been known to runoff during storms and pollute cape water systems.

The city says after Wednesday, city council members plan to bring this idea up again at a future meeting.

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