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City of Fort Myers council to discuss gun violence prevention

City of Fort Myers council to discuss gun violence prevention
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FORT MYERS, Fla.  — On Monday, gun violence that has been seen across the nation sparked a conversation about prevention at a Fort Myers city council meeting.

Council member Johnny Streets Jr. is the one who requested the city have this conversation about gun violence.

This is a topic he said is not directly targeted at the city of Fort Myers – but a conversation that he tells me needs to continue to happen.

“All of the leadership in the city of Fort Myers, to our constituents, they want to know regardless of what’s happening around the country, what are we doing?” asked Streets.

This is a question Fort Myers council member Johnny Streets said is sparked by the recent acts of gun violence seen at a Greenwood, Indiana shopping mall and at a Uvalde, Texas elementary school.

On Monday before the city council meeting, Streets spoke with me about what he hopes to talk about during the meeting.

“Are we behind our police department? Are we getting the education to the people? Are we telling people to be vigilant?” asked Streets.

This is a conversation Streets said will create a sense of confidence and protection for people who already live in a city recognized for being in the top three for safest places to live according to a US News and World Report.

“It concerns me when we hear somebody say, you know, ‘crime is down,’ ‘well, you know we are the safest city around,’ that bothers me because it only takes one incident,” said Streets.

Streets said the city council’s conversation about gun violence is exactly how it sounds – a conversation he said shows the city of Fort Myers isn’t oblivious to the issues seen around the country.

“It has to be a continuing process in this country if we are going to somewhat lessen this epidemic,” said Streets.

Streets told me he doesn’t plan to hear any sort of a ruling or decision during Monday’s meeting, but said it helps the city stay proactive and not reactive to gun violence.

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