Collier County School Board approves school books despite complaints

Collier County School Board approves school books despite complaints

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — The Collier County School Board unanimously approved math books for the upcoming school years for grades K-5 despite a few complaints from non-parents.

Three people argued the board should not approve the use of the books for various reasons.

Sandra Doyle had 127 objections to the books claiming they had references to critical race theory and social and emotional learning despite being the state’s list of approved books for use in Florida schools.

Doyle called the books rotten.

Math Tutor Mike Mogil pointed out that the math books contained more pictures of girls than boys and said the books marginalized boys. He also went on to point out the ethnicity of children depicted in the books.

“I was just reporting what I saw. I wasn’t making it a complaint. I wasn’t asking them to change the ethnic diversity of the thing,” Mogil said.

Jackie Keay took exception with the reference and said that it is wonderful that children from black and brown communities were referenced in the books.

Kevin Sowyrda accused the objectors of using code language regarding their complaints and said, “We know the path this going down.”

In the end, the school board members took the advice of the review committee and unanimously approved the use of the elementary math books which means they will be in classrooms this fall.

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