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Collier County School Board hosts special meeting to vote on the next superintendent

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Collier County School Board recently held a special meeting to vote on the next superintendent. In the meeting, the board members discussed various candidates and their qualifications before casting their votes. The superintendent role is an integral position that oversees the district’s educational policies and overall progress. Thus, the board’s decision will have a significant impact on the district’s future, further enhancing the education system’s quality in Collier County’s schools.

Collier County School Board Hosts Special Meeting to Vote on Next Superintendent

On Wednesday, July 7th, the Collier County School Board held a special meeting to determine who will hold the position of superintendent. This comes after the previous superintendent, Kamela Patton, retired after serving as superintendent for eight years.

The Candidates

The Collier County School Board received over 30 applications for the position of superintendent. After narrowing it down to the final three candidates, the board held interviews and allowed the public to give input on their opinions of each candidate.

The three candidates were Dr. David Moore, the current superintendent of the School District of Indian River County; Dr. Gonzalo La Cava, currently the chief of human resources and professional standards for the Palm Beach County School District; and Dr. Keith Oswald, currently deputy superintendent of Palm Beach County Schools.

The Meeting

The meeting was held at the Administrative Center in Naples and was open to the public. The school board members discussed each candidate and asked questions about their experience, vision, and plans for the future of the school district.

The public was also given the opportunity to speak at the meeting. Many spoke in favor of Dr. Gonzalez La Cava, citing his experience working with diverse student populations. Others spoke in favor of Dr. Keith Oswald, citing his experience working in Palm Beach County.

After much discussion, the board members came to a decision. The board voted unanimously to offer the position of Collier County superintendent to Dr. Gonzalo La Cava.

About Dr. Gonzalez La Cava

Dr. Gonzalo La Cava currently serves as the chief of human resources and professional standards for the Palm Beach County School District. He has also served as a teacher, school administrator, and assistant superintendent in various Florida school districts.

According to his website, Dr. La Cava’s priorities include improving student achievement, building strong relationships with community members and stakeholders, and ensuring that all students and staff are treated with dignity and respect.

Moving Forward

With a new superintendent in place, the Collier County School Board is looking forward to the upcoming school year. In addition to hiring a new superintendent, the board is also working on implementing new programs and initiatives to improve student achievement and support the well-being of all students.

These initiatives include the implementation of a new teacher evaluation system, the expansion of mental health services in schools, and the development of a new strategic plan to guide the district’s vision for the next several years.

Overall, the Collier County School Board’s decision to hire Dr. Gonzalo La Cava as superintendent reflects their commitment to providing high-quality education for all students in the district. With his experience and vision, Dr. La Cava is poised to lead the district to great success in the coming years.


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