Community Fridge in Cape Coral restocked by wave of donations

Community Fridge in Cape Coral restocked by wave of donations

The Cape Coral Community Fridge and Pantry along SE 47th Terrace is resurfacing with restocked shelves.

Dionne Lopez, owner of Lee County Plumbing Supply, opened the pantry during the pandemic. She recently teamed up with Gabrielle Ferraro with Double Dee’s Munchies to revamp the site.

“I opened up my food truck in the middle of the pandemic, now I think its time for me to give back,” says Ferraro.

Ferraro posted about the stocked pantry on social media and within 24 hours the shelves were wiped.

“You wouldn’t imagine how many people still need food,” says Lopez.

It’s open 24/7, for anyone to take what they need or leave what they can.

“The goal is to keep going and fill,” says Ferraro.

They accept any kind of donation, frozen food, perishable items and even toiletries.

“Food is a human right and thats kind of what we’re pushing here you should have access to good food not just something you don’t want,” says Ferraro.

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