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Costco Is Finally Bringing Back This Fan-Favorite Food Court Item

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Costco has long been a favorite for bargain hunters, but their Food court has also gained a large following. Die-hard fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of a favorite Food item, the beloved churro. The sweet dessert was taken off the menu, reportedly due to a change in supplier. However, the day has finally arrived, and Costco lovers across the country can rejoice as the churro is back on the menu. Read on to find out more about the beloved snack’s return.

Costco Is Finally Bringing Back This Fan-Favorite Food Court Item

Costco shoppers are rejoicing as the retail giant has announced that it is bringing back one of its most popular Food court items. The company announced recently that its iconic Polish hot dog will be returning to its Food courts.

The History of the Polish Hot Dog

Costco has long been known for its Food court offerings, with its $1.50 hot dog and soda combo becoming a cultural touchstone. In 1985, the company introduced a new item to its menu: the Polish hot dog.

Made from beef and pork, the Polish hot dog quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to its spicy flavor and snappy casing. Costco sold the Polish hot dog for over 30 years before discontinuing it in 2018.

The Backlash from Removing the Polish Hot Dog

The decision to remove the Polish hot dog from Costco’s menu caused an immediate backlash from customers. Many took to social media to express their displeasure, with some even threatening to boycott the warehouse chain if the item was not brought back.

The Replacement Item

Costco replaced the Polish hot dog with a healthier option, the acai bowl. While the acai bowl was popular with some customers, many missed the beloved Polish hot dog.

The Return of the Polish Hot Dog

In a recent interview, Costco’s CEO Craig Jelinek announced that the Polish hot dog would be returning to the company’s Food courts. Jelinek cited customer feedback as the reason for the item’s return. He also noted that the item would be sold at a slightly higher price point than before.

What Fans Have to Say

Costco fans are ecstatic about the return of the Polish hot dog. Many have taken to social media to express their excitement, with some saying that they can’t wait to visit Costco just to get their hands on the item.


The return of the Polish hot dog has been a long time coming for many Costco fans. As the company’s most popular Food court item, the Polish hot dog has been sorely missed since it was discontinued in 2018. With its return, Costco is sure to keep its customers happy and satisfied for years to come.


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