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Costco Rumored To Be Testing In-Store Sushi Counters

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Costco, the popular members-only warehouse club, is rumored to be testing in-store sushi counters in select locations across the United States. The move comes as a response to the increasing popularity of sushi among consumers, especially with the rise of healthy eating and seafood trends. With its reputation for offering high-quality products at lower prices, the addition of fresh, made-to-order sushi could be a game-changer for Costco’s Food court and provide another reason for customers to renew their memberships.

Costco Rumored To Be Testing In-Store Sushi Counters

Costco holds a reputation for offering some of the best deals on bulk items, including groceries and household products. However, the company is rumored to be branching out into a new territory with the testing of in-store sushi counters.

What’s the Rumor?

According to various sources, including Business Insider and the Instagram account @Costco_doesitagain, Costco locations in Southern California are testing in-store sushi counters. The counters would provide customers with fresh sushi, made-to-order by a trained sushi chef.

The sushi menu reportedly consists of various rolls, such as California rolls and spicy tuna rolls, as well as nigiri and sashimi options. Prices are said to range from $5 to $17, depending on the dish and the quantity ordered.

Why Sushi?

Sushi has become a popular cuisine in the United States in recent years, with a growing demand for high-quality and fresh options. Millennials, in particular, have shown a strong interest in sushi, leading some businesses to cater specifically to this demographic.

By offering sushi in-store, Costco could potentially tap into this market, providing customers with a convenient and affordable option for fresh sushi. It can also cater to the growing trend of consumers looking to purchase healthy and fresh foods.

What’s the Benefit For Costco?

Offering sushi in-store could benefit Costco in several ways. For starters, it could attract new customers to the store, particularly those who are interested in sushi. This could lead to increased foot traffic and ultimately higher sales for the company.

In addition, offering sushi in-store could encourage customers to spend more time in the store, browsing other products and potentially making additional purchases. This could result in increased revenue for Costco.

What’s the Customer Reaction?

The rumored in-store sushi counters have generated mixed reactions from customers. Some have expressed excitement and enthusiasm about the prospect of purchasing fresh sushi at Costco, while others are more skeptical.

Critics have raised concerns about the quality and freshness of the sushi, arguing that it may not meet the high standards set by traditional sushi restaurants. Others have expressed concerns about the potential for long wait times and crowded conditions at the in-store sushi counters.

The Verdict

While the rumors of Costco testing in-store sushi counters have yet to be confirmed, the prospect is certainly intriguing. Offering fresh sushi in-store could be a smart move for the company, attracting new customers and increasing sales. However, it remains to be seen whether the quality and freshness of the sushi will meet the expectations of customers.

If the rumors are true, it will be interesting to see how Costco implements the sushi counters and whether they will be rolled out to other locations across the country.


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